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Our pumpkins are sourced from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
The hills provide excellent drainage, which was especially important this year.

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1652 Gourds 1/2 Bushel (approx. 30-35CT)
1670 Mini Orange Pumpkins 1/2 Bushel (approx. 20-25CT)
1669 Mini White Pumpkins 1/2 Bushel (approx. 20-25CT)
1672 Wee-be-Little Pumpkins "baseball-sized" 1/2 Bushel (10-15CT)
Sugar Pumpkins
aka pams, soup, or spookies
1668 Sugar Pumpkins Crate (approx. 6-9CT)
1651 Sugar Pumpkins 24" Bin (approx. 200-220CT)
Face Pumpkins
1665 Small Pumpkins "volleyball-sized" 36" Bin (10-15lbs; 50-55CT)
1674 Medium Pumpkins "basketball-sized" 36" Bin (15-20lbs; 40-45CT)
1654 Large Pumpkins "beachball-sized" 36" Bin (30-50lbs; 25-30CT)
Specialty Pumpkins
1673 Specialty Pumpkins Mixed Wooden Crate (3-4CT)
1657 Specialty Pumpkins Mixed 24" Bin (approx. 35CT)  
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