April 2016

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Former LCMC staff member, Elizabeth Tate, passed away on September 22, 2015 in North Carolina at the age of 98. Elizabeth was LCMC's librarian and an ESL tutor trainer. She was also a librarian at the Library of Congress.
Watch our new video, created by Ben Fox, to see how literacy changes lives.

Scrabble┬« Scram ble
was a Success!Scrabble
Thank you to everyone who joined us for a fun-filled evening on March 13. It was a great, engaging way to celebrate literacy as a community.

Special thanks to Councilmember Sidney Katz and State Senator Cheryl Kagan for joining us and for their continued support of adult literacy in Montgomery County.

With your help, we raised over $44,000 to use for our adult literacy programs. The evening would not have been possible without the support of all of our participants, volunteers, contributors, donors, and sponsors. For photos from the event and a list of our sponsors, click here.
Mark your calendars for these upcoming events!

April 24 - Kensington Day of the Book
Do more 24

May 21 - Gaithersburg Book Festival

May 26  - Annual Meeting

June 2 - Do More 24

June 17 
- Big Train Baseball Game

Celebrate literacy with us by volunteering at the Gaithersburg Book Festival on May 21. Click here to select an open time slot.

We are always looking for volunteer tutors. Click here  for a schedule of upcoming information sessions and workshops.
A Student's StoryClint
Clint Jones was nervous to admit to strangers that he couldn't read or write, but he overcame his fear. He remembers his first day in the LCMC office: "I left that day a happier person. I now have a love for reading and writing."

Click here  to read more about Clint.
"When a family member tells me: 'I can see improvement in his (or her) English as a result of tutoring,' I know that my efforts have been worthwhile."
     - Richard Lieberman, Tutor

Click here to read the full article about Richard's experiences as a tutor with LCMC.
"I studied and discussed news in my class with my tutor so I know what is going on every day."
-Zhi Ying Wu, ESL Student

When adults learn to read and understand English, their lives change more than you might think. Click here to read how literacy has affected Zhi Ying Wu and our other students.
Rockville Rewards - Now Only $10
Between now and May 1, get your Rockville Rewards card at a discounted price of $10! At this price, your card will pay for itself after just one visit to a restaurant, shop, or other business. If you purchase your Rockville Rewards card from LCMC, we will receive 100% of the proceeds.
Click here to view a list of discounts from participating businesses.
To purchase a card, click here or stop by our office.

Recent graduates of our tutor workshops.

Edward Alton
Bonnie Baisey
Jeff Barber
Nina Brown
Holly Buchanan
Margaret Buco
Karen Buglass
Gianna Burgos
Rita Cardillo
Bonita Condon
Allison Cox
Anna Degraffinreid
Stephanie Dwyer
Jose Espanada
Cynthia Garland
Susan Gerecht
Debby Goldberg
Edda Guerrero
Marisa Leaders
Roseanne Lieber
Haicun Lu
Joshua Millard
Amy Moffatt
Lisa Morris

Jennifer Nation
Alison Passer
Parker Pillsbury
Burney Simpson
Tracey Stewart
David Sturm
Yono Sumiyono
Patricia Trafton
Cheryl Tyiska
Thomas Walker
Judy Warshof
Kathryn Zahner

Thank you for your support!

Robin & Charles Auerbach
Judith Babbitts
Jennifer Backus
Barbara Benson
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Miriam Bolotin
Nancy Branz
Buco Charitable Fund
Patricia Byers
Michele Cade
Eric Carzon
Chaikin, Sherman,    Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.
Clark Winchcole Foundation
Rhea Cohn
Dean Cooper
Edward J. & Debra P. Corwin
Susan Craig
Amy Demske
Debra Demske
Daniel Devlin
Reed T. & Betsy R. Dewey
Lenore England
First Potomac Realty
 Investment, LP
Laurie Fisher
Bob & Penny Fox
Geraldine & Richard J. Fox
Kathleen T. Frankle, DDS
Victoria Fredrichs
Roswita Gale
Mary Gallagher
Gelman, Rosenberg &  Freedman, CPAs
Varghese & Rani George
Catherine Gewertz
Susan Girgis
Glass Jacobson Financial  Group
Andrea S. Grill
Gail Haag
Terry Harbonic
Harbour Capital Advisors, LLC
James Hastings
Hoover-Fisher Florist, Inc.
Il Pizzico Ristorante
Jean Jawdat
Jessica Jones
Janet Kandel
Rachel Katz
Suzanna Kelley
Vicky Klementowicz
Brenda Kline
Kenneth Kraft
Tracy Krantz
Robin Lawson
Barbara Lewis
Christa Lewis
Susan Maloney
Julie Marquette
Christina McCormick
Jennifer Mendel & Fred Fox
Susan Messieres
Hal Mickelson
Mary Moore
Martha Morris
Louise Myers
Ruth Ann Nelson
Jean Noonan
Nora Roberts Foundation
Anne Perrone
Priscilla Peterson
Rung Pham
Rebecca Prigal
Shereen Remez
Clarice Ribeiro
Mary Roberts
Sandra Roberts
Susan Rosenstock
Anne Rubinovitz
Debbie Ruskin
Suzanne Scheer
Paul Schweitzer
Shapiro & Brown, LLP
Shirley Brownrigg Charitable  Trust
Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.
Victor Siegel, DDS
Meredith Smith
Richard Stoddard
Robin M. Stutman & Reid B.  Horwitz
James B. & Vera Kathryn Sullivan
TD Bank, NA
The Crimsonbridge Group
The E.J. Lippman Family  Foundation
The Stein-Korman Family  Charitable Fund
The Wilker Family Fund
Jerrica Thurman
Andrea Turnowski
United Way of the National  Capital Area
Danielle Verbiest
Marsha Vonduerchheim
Jaclyn Walters
Maureen Weaver
Robert Wootten
Dale Yablonowitz
Yelp Foundation
Sandra Yesnowitz
Frances Zeigler
Mary M. Ziomek