Hello March, We Have Big Plans For You ....
PetConnect Rescue News - March 2018  Edition

Dear PetConnect Rescue Family,

Even though the winds seemed to be against us this past week, PetConnect Rescue did not falter. We stayed on course and accomplished our task at hand, saving more lives! Since our last newsletter, here's what's keeping us busy:
  • Multiple adoption events for both cats and dogs. Several adoptions are pending based on meet and greets at these events.
  • Two transports arrived bringing 16 dogs and 5 kittens to our area. Many thanks to all the people who took part in making these transports happen. I'm always so proud of how well we pull together to make these events go off without a hitch.
  • PetConnect Rescue has started updating our organizational video. We have a great team working on this project, and a lot of great video footage was taken at the adoption events and transports. We are hoping to complete this project in the summer.
  • Lastly, this past week, we held our first PCR Advisory Council meeting. The council was formed as a group of volunteers, representing different areas of the rescue, who can serve as a sounding board for the Executive Director and who will assist in working to improve our existing programs, helping to create new programs, and working to advance the organization in the community. Meet the new PCR Council pictured below!

With Warmest Wishes,
Catherine Edwards
Executive Director
PetConnect Rescue Updates
Healing The Pain For Smokey... With
A Bit Of Luck & Help From Some Friends!
Meet Smokey, one of the most gentle, well-mannered guys that we've ever met. In fact, Smokey is so sweet and gentle, we didn't know that he was hiding a big secret. Smokey was living in pain. A lot of pain... for a very long time. This poor guy never had proper vet care and suffered from continuous ear infections. By the time that he got to us at PetConnect Rescue, his ear canals were so blocked, medicine couldn't even reach the part of his ear that needed it. To help correct years of damage, Smokey's hope was a special surgical procedure to cut out all of the scar tissue blocking his ear canals. Smokey had the procedure and is now recovering nicely, but surgery is expensive and PetConnect Rescue is responsible for a $3,000 bill to pay. We simply couldn't say "no" and are hoping that you can't either. Tell Smokey that he was worth every penny by  making a donation today.
Donate  HERE so that we never have to say "no" when a medical situation like Smokey's arises. Your support is what keeps us going.  Thank you for helping us provide care, love, and protection to so many animals!

Smokey is finally free of pain thanks, in part, to you!
We are just days away from March Madness.  
And, you know what that means.....March MUTTness!
Sunday, March 18, 3 pm - 6 pm 
7 Locks Brewing, 12227 Wilkins Ave, Rockville MD 
Lots of Fun... 
  • Unlimited basketball game viewing
  • Delicious craft beer
  • Adoptable dogs and a dog kissing photo booth
  • Family-friendly and dog-friendly event (well-behaved pups on leashes, please)
  • The Rolling Brick Pizza Truck and the Say Cheese Truck will be selling food and donating 10% back to PCR
  • Raffle prizes
  • Free vet advice
Adorable pups, good beer, food truck deliciousness and great basketball!
What more can you want? Mark your calendar now to join us!

Teaching Kindness For All Creatures 
From March 12-16,
St. Elizabeth's students will be participating in daily activities aimed at educating kids all about the needs of homeless animals.  
  • Mural Monday - students will cover the hallways with pictures of their pets
  • Supply Drive - students will bring in needed supplies for PCR
  • Bake Sale - parents will be selling baked goods and donating the proceeds to PCR
  • PetConnect Rescue Video/Poster Challenge - Who will make the best "adopt - don't shop" poster or video?
  • Winning classrooms get a puppy visit!
Thank you to St. Elizabeth Catholic Schools for partnering with PetConnect Rescue to help teach the next generation humane education.
Ready to bring this program to your school?
Contact Catherine at cedwards@petconnectrescue.org.

Staff Pick of the Month

Catherine Edwards, PCR's Executive Director, is loving the work of Red & Howling. Below is one of her favorites. Check out others at www.redandhowling.com. Enjoy!
You Won't Want To Miss A Thing...
Upcoming Events:

Cat Adoption Event 
Rockville BARK!
March 17th, 2018 
11:00 am -1:00 pm 
More info here 
March Muttness Fundraiser 
7 Locks Brewery
March 18th, 2018 
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm 
More info  here

Dog Adoption Event 
Potomac PetValu
March 24th, 2018 
11:00 am - 1:00 pm 
More info  here

If you can help with any of these events, please email 
Kelly at
For complete event information, 
please  click here.  

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