Dear Alumni, Friends and Supporters,

We wanted to take this moment to connect with you, to hear how you are doing, and to bring you up-to-speed on International Student Conferences, Inc. (ISC). Our team is all doing well and following social distancing recommendations. While we are not physically in the office, ISC is still operational and can be reached via email and by phone.
COVID-19 represents a unique challenge to 2020 and to our three student-led Summer 2020 Conferences:

  • 72nd Japan-America Student Conference (JASC)
  • 13th Korea-America Student Conference (KASC)
  • Inaugural China-America Student Conference (ChASC)

Our student Executive Committee Members (ECs) are doing an incredible job displaying their leadership skills and showcasing Conference values by: taking proactive steps in keeping their accepted Delegates and applicants informed, strategizing contingency Conference plans, and setting an example to their peers at school and in their communities on how to manage and proceed forward during uncertain and constantly changing situations.

At this time, all three Conferences are scheduled to proceed as planned. Preparations are still underway and on schedule for in-person summer programming. At the same time, the ECs along with ISC Staff/Board are working on contingency plans. These future leaders are determined to deliver on the mission of peace through mutual understanding and are addressing the challenge head-on. In some ways, COVID-19 could open the door to one of ISC’s finest hours. As you can imagine, your continued financial and inspirational support are invaluable at this time.
We continue to closely monitor the situation and speak with knowledgeable advisors to holistically assess the situation and further our understanding of day-to-day developments. Also, we have taken an additional measure by creating a four-member Board Task Force. The Board Task Force, whose primary responsibility is to provide advisement to ISC and ECs, include influential alumni and experts with decades of experience navigating complex situations such as this. This Task Force will support the student leaders in finding ways to adapt and optimize the situation at hand.
In closing, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to you: our incredible global network of supporters. We care deeply about your well-being and hope that you are taking this time to look after yourself and those around you. Please feel free to contact us should you want to share stories, photos, videos and/or updates with the ISC community -- or just want someone to connect with.

We are and continue to be here for you!

Your Friends at International Student Conferences, Inc.
Projections indicate it may be a very difficult economic environment this year. You may know that the 2008 recession years were devastating to many non-profits, and ISC was not spared. We hope you will talk us up to funders and help keep us forefront for support.