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In concert  with Governor Lamont's  Executive Order No. 7H  regar ding licensed healthcare professionals, Mayflower Acupu ncture continues to provide optimal lifestyle adjustments to  our patients and the community.   We are committed to supporting you with the knowledge and actions  which may help you  build physical and emotional resilience .    

To that end we are offering acupunctureherbs, supplements, and meditation training as well as diet and movement advice to potentially reduce the impact of SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) which can result in the pathology known as COVID-19. See the Resource Guide  which follows for more detail.         
We are no strangers to pandemics, bringing 18 years of experience successfully practicing in inter-disciplinary clinics in Hong Kong during the pandemics of SARS Co-V in 2003 and Avian Influenza Type A in 2008. We hope our experience and willingness to provide these services in this time of crisis will help in some way to ensure that our community emerges even stronger.

Important FAQ's

How Can Mayflower Acupuncture Help My Family during the COVID 19 Crisis? 
We have  extended our hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and on Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 7:00 pm to see patients in a one-on-one environment with no overlap between clients and no patients in the reception area. We ask that all patients who come early wait in their cars or have a stroll outside until their appointment time. 

Stringent Hygienic Standards

We are continuing to take extraordinary hygienic and safety precautions including sanitizing blood pressure cuffs, O2 gauges, thermometers, door knobs and common surfaces after each use; 
double papering all treatment tables and using disposable face shields 
for each patient, changing medical gloves after each patient, and running 
air purifiers throughout the clinic. In addition, we follow the COVID-19 
guidelines of our professional organization, detailed here.   

Screening Yourself Before Making an Appointment 

In Person Visits:

We will be treating patients as we have for the last 32 years except those with active cold and 'flu-like symptoms.  We request that all patients who have recently traveled by air, train, or mass transit, have attended a large group event within the last 2 weeks or are running a fever, have a cough, have a sore throat, or are having difficulty breathing refrain from coming into the clinic. 

Electronic Visits: 

For those patients who are symptomatic ,  we offer consultations by phone, email or video link. We also offer curb-side pick up  or shipment of appropriate herbs, supplements, dietary guidelines and protocols directly to your home. Having anticipated the escalation of this current  situation  we have a well-stocked pharmacy.    

We strongly advise patients over 65 and patients who have been diagnosed with compromised immune function to remain at home and consult with us and other providers by telemedicine if possible. Please call us at 860.413 2118 for details.
Why Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the 
Current Climate of COVID-19?

Throughout its  2400 -year  written  history ,  Chinese medicine has  differentiated  itself from conventional medicine through its laser-focus  on boosting the immune system and enhancing the body's capacity for resistance to disease and  by  specialization in prevention and early intervention. 

I have had the  the privilege of training in Chinese hospitals  and   practicing in Hawaii, Hong Kong and Connecticut. Th is  experience  gives  me confiden ce  in the ability of lifestyle changes, acupuncture and herbal support to enhance health .  
Our  Resource Guide  contains links to professional papers which document the history and current use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in pandemics around the world.  

What is the Evidence for Lifestyle Adjustments improving outcomes?

The evidence base for lifestyle adjustments to improve health outcomes is thoroughly presented in the articles, citations, and videos which follow in the Resource Guide at the end of this newsletter.
What Can You and Your Family Do to Reduce Your Risk? (study CDC guidelines) 
Maintain a calm and focused approach to this crisis. You must remain vigilant and keep your body, mind and spirit in top condition.

  • Get in the best shape of your life  
  • Keep 6 feet from people   
  • Clean hands-wear gloves in public
  • Wear mask or bandanna in public 
  • Increase your outdoor exercise  
  • Eat more vegetables and less sugar  
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep  

  • Stay upbeat, cool and keep  your perspective   
  • Double your meditation  time  
  • Clarify your goals and values   
  • Focus and work  intent ly    
  • Cultivate your sense of humor    
  • Exercise  patience and  compassion  

Resource Guide:
A Deep Dive into the Relationship between the Immune System, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and COVID 19

This Resource Guide contains links to articles and videos from the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), NIH, (National Institutes of Health), PubMed, Washington Post, New York Times, and medical, instructive and news sources from around the world:
In Health and Solidarity,
Steve & Cheryl
Mayflower Acupuncture

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