Hi, ladies:

For some time, I have felt strongly that I needed to communicate to you our response to Covid-19 for the Promises Revisited event. I know some of you are probably waiting to see what the days ahead will hold. I have been, too, which is why I have not sent this out sooner. Things keep changing and we are making adjustments as they do. My team, and I, have decided that unless we are under a mandatory Stay-at-Home order of all non-essential personnel, Promises Revisited is happening!

I want to share a bit of personal information that most of you do not know. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. I don't talk about it much. Few know I have it, and it is not always an issue. However, just a couple of weeks ago, it was a major issue which resulted in a (non-Covid-19 related) two day stay in the hospital.

Earlier this year, I managed a two week mission trip with no auto-immune issues! That was a miracle given the schedule, long days, and the change in diet for those two weeks. I was so grateful.

In this season, I being am being cautious about my surroundings: where I allow myself to go and who to be around. I have to be for the sake of my health. Therefore, keeping my own personal health issues in mind, and considering all who might like to attend, my team and I are creating a safe place for you to gather on Saturday, August 1, as well.

Our Prayer Room (where the sessions will be held), seats 400 people. We currently have 188 chairs set up in that room for our Sunday services. This is to accommodate additional space for personal distancing. There will be plenty of room for everyone to spread out. We will practice personal distancing for this event.

For the most part, we plan to adhere to the guidelines our church already has in place. You can read about those in Pastor Jeff's latest Covid-19 Update. We plan to follow these guidelines, but have been given a little flexibility considering the size of our current registration count.

Yet, even with all the extras we have scheduled for this event, I am sure some of you might still have questions. Please read on.

Meals: We will switch out table linens and sanitize the tables between meals. There will be nothing else on the tables except a centerpiece. Lunch/Dinner tables will not be in use for seating at any other times during the day. Caterers will bring all disposable plates, cutlery, and condiments for personal use and they will serve each participant.

Afternoon Activities: For the two hands-on classes being offered, we will include additional space at each table between participants. We have decreased the number of participants allowed for each activity. The Prayer Garden and theCove will both be open during this time. There will be other cozy seating areas for you to hang out and visit. TheCove tables and chairs will be sanitized between use of individuals during this break. KicPops will provide servers for the time they will be with us. It will not be self-serve. Prophetic Ministry will be held in private rooms (like we do at MTT). Seekers and Prophetic Team Members will all be required to wear masks. We will enlarge the seating area to yield more space in each room.

Additional Info: Ministry will take place. Following social distancing guidelines, we obviously will not lay hands on people, but ministry will happen. We are considering providing temporary color-coded bracelets. Each color will represent a different level of personal space comfortability.
  • I'm fine with hugging.
  • Elbow bumps only, please.
  • Blow me kisses from afar because I need additional space.
It's hard right now to know what is okay and what others might feel comfortable doing. We think these bracelets will help us identify each other's preferences easily. Let's all choose to love each other well and not be offended by another's personal choice. Okay? Great!

Sisters, we are doing all we can to keep you safe and to ensure a pleasant and life-giving day for Promises Revisited. Even still, we know many will opt out. That is perfectly okay. If anyone understands, I do.

Please carefully read the guidelines our church already has in place. Again, we will adhere to those for this event, with a little flexibility because of our smaller registrant count. If you have questions about that, please feel free to contact me.

I also want to encourage you to listen to this message from one of our pastors, Steve Meeks. He shared this a couple of weeks ago and I felt it was spot on for where we are in this season, having to make decisions like these.

Sisters, it is important that we lean into the Lord like never before. We are all doing the best we can given the information we have. Let's each walk in wisdom, listening intently to his voice for ourselves and for our families. Let's choose not to be ruled by fear and not judge others for the personal decisions they might make. Let's choose to follow our perfect Leader, so that we will not falter in our faith. We need his perfect leadership and his wisdom in this hour. We desperately need it!

Here's a brief word from our speaker, Tonya Peek...
We are choosing to move ahead with the assignment before us, to press into his promises, and to provide a place for you to come and do the same and to be refreshed. We pray that you will join us if you can!

Blessing you,
Cheryl Moses
Ladies' Ministry Coordinator