October 2016    

Welcome Carol Meader! 
We are proud to welcome Carol Meader to our  DAC Sales Team.  
Carol joined DAC in October, 2016 and will be focusing on sales support and marketing.  She has an extensive background in customer service, sales and marketing, most recently specializing on fundraising and communications for non-profits.
Carol has a BS in Business Management from the University of Maine.  She lives in Raymond, ME with her kids Brad, Greg and Danielle.  Carol enjoys cycling, hiking, skiing, trail running and paddling.

Please feel free to follow up with Carol to welcome her - cmeader@dac-hvac.com
Engineering Technical Bulletins:
Technical Bulletin: Frost Control for Enthalpy Wheels 

Swegon's July 2016 Technical Bulletin, provides an overview of exhaust energy air sources and frost control for enthalpy wheels. This paper explains how enthalpy wheels can extract more energy than sensible devices, the three common frost control approaches, cost effective approaches to frost control, and more. Consulting engineers will gain a better understanding of how the GOLD DOAS unit is designed to handle frost control in the most efficient manner.

We encourage feedback and comments on this bulletin. If you have any questions, please contact Hugh Crowther, VP Engineering of Swegon North America.


Technical Bulletin:  Effectively Utilizing Control Valves to Optimize Wrap-Around Heat Pipes
Wrap Around Heat Pipe
Drew Elsberry, Regional Sales Manager of HPT, has authored a new white paper on fully controllable heat pipes, a specialty of HPT. These are an effective way to recover as much heat as possible to provide maximum precool and reheat without exceeding setpoint. This also allows for maximum reheat at part load conditions. Up to four stages of control are feasible, allowing the design engineer to meet desired temperatures at varying load conditions...


Learn How To Design A Pool Unit and Receive PDH Credits
Seresco Professional Development Hour 

Seresco PDH
Seresco is pleased to provide an informative, practical, 52 minute non-commercial Natatorium Design Presentation.
If you are in the process of designing a swimm ing pool application, it's worth the time to watch this video.  

This is the same material that Seresco's Ralph Kittler regularly provides to ASHRAE Chapters as their technical speaker and to engineers across the country, and subsequently provides a certificate for professional development credit.  

Contact Craig Ashman if you have any questions.  

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