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Two Books Like None Other!!

The animal voices are fabulous
due in two weeks

Set in New Zealand
Remember Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair?
This is Dickens, not Bronte
Our August First Novel Book of the Month
A Pen Exclusive

Event and Other Books

Signed August 15
A rare visit from bestseller Brown, don't miss it

starts a series with Nora Kelly and Corrie Swanson from the AXL Pendergast
Signed August 20
Full of exciting archaeology, science, and a possible treasure hunt

The Legal Thriller of the Year
Signed August 22

The Swallows
Prep school is murder
Signed August 23

True Crime
Signed August 24 2 PM

A legal thriller
Signed August 24 2 PM

Signed August 26

Will Trent with Sara Linton
Atlanta crime
Signed August 30

Starts a new series
in stock now and selling fast

Arizona Territory
Our August History/Mystery Book of the Month
in stock now

A thriller updating 1984 to the near future...and amazon
Terrific read
Signed copies the end of the month

Armand Gamache
on sale August 27

Western Mystery
in stock now

The perfect August read
Our Modern Firsts Book of the Month
only 3 left in stock

1282 England at war with Wales
based on a real hanging
in stock now and selling fast

Signed by Ann Patchett
Ages 4-8
in stock, 4 left

restock, tip ins
only a few left in stock

A book for those battling mean girls, and for mean girls 
YA Dark Fantasy
in stock now for
summer reading
coming soon...
selling fast
amazing reviews

Lydia Chin & Bill Smith
in Mississippi Chinese community
in stock now
Signed September 24 with the new Jame Sallis

Rivers of London Series
only this one is Germany's
The Moselle
only 1 left

Terrific UK police procedural with dazzling forensics
in stock now

Hi there,

Well it's lucky 13 today which means it's also CJ Box and T Jefferson Parker tonight. Two fishing buddies... Join us at 7 PM

EXTRA Parking is half a block east at Arcadia Farms, or to the north of our lot and also to the south alongside Grazie.

Last Saturday we had a lively time discussing 5 day travel from London to Kenya, wardrobes, bad behavior and wife swapping confronting the honeymooners Lady Georgie (golly!) and Darcy, Colonial British attitudes, and the murder.... Serving animal crackers was a nice touch, no?

Grab your signed copy of Rhys Bowen's  Love and Death Among the Cheetahs  (Berkley $26) and imagine 1935 travel.

Here's Rhys with fellow authors (left to right) Jenn McKinlay, Paige Shelton, Judith Starkston, and Donis Casey. Rhys' scarf is a nice African touch.

Here's a reminder again that you can listen to our podcasts on Google or on iTunes or  on Podbean. The most recent is one I recorded with Rhys on August 10 which previews her February 2020 book.

Check Rhys and other authors on our YouTube Channel and on Facebook Live  As he gets time Patrick is migrating older Livestream videos to You Tube. There is a trove of gems there to unearth for you.

The FBL videos are in chronological order. Please note the YouTube videos are not in date sequence. Just click on the right arrow to access more. 

Do check our BLOG. Lesa has done a great post on a book of all of our hearts here, Robert Pobi's City of Windows!! We can't recommend it highly enough for action, character, and the chase after the.... no spoilers here. It's a one-sitting chiller.

And enjoy our other media like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Plus Facebook.

Much love to our social media team getting a boost from Rob.

Barbara and all The Pens

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The August Booknews
 Staff Picks, Paperback Picks, New Books Lists

The August Booknews sizzles.

Please note I made one goof too late to correct: the September Ann Cleeves title that is our September British Crime Book of the Month is The Long Call, a new series start, not the last Shetland mystery.

Here are some August Staff Picks

Here are our August Paperback Picks

Do browse our  Web Store . New additions are frequently made to upcoming books and events. I've added loads of titles to Coming Soon... a very big fall looms.

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Our August Books of the Month
British Crime Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
North, Alex. The Whisper Man

Cozy Crimes Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month

Discovery Club  One paperback or hardcover per month
Pobi, Robert. City of Windows
The best book we could not get signed this year (he's Canadian)

First Mystery Club  One Signed First per month

Think Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair but Dickens, not Bronte, a truly imaginative delight set in and coming from New Zealand

Hardboiled Crime Club  One signed First per month 
Parker, T Jefferson. The Last Good Guy

History/Mystery Club  One Signed First per month 
Obreht, Tea. Inland (Random $27)
Arizona Territory 1893

History Paperback  One per month
Penrose, Andrea. Murder at Half Moon Gate

Modern First Editions  One Signed First per month
Russo, Richard. Chances Are...

SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club  One Signed First per month
Hart, Rob. The Warehouse
A Don't Miss It -- 1984 for today

Surprise Me! Club  One Signed First Per Month

Slaughter, Karin. The Last Widow

Thriller Club  One Signed First per month
Cavanagh, Steve. Thirteen

A legal thriller... with the killer on the jury 

CJ Box
T Jefferson Parker
Tonight 7:00 PM

Our copies of both books come with photos of these two buddies fishing, each book a different photo

And what do the two books have in common? It's the women!

CJ Box  signs  Bitterroots  (St Martins $27.99)

In this outstanding novel from Edgar winner Box, erstwhile police officer Cassie Dewell, last seen in 2017's Paradise Valley ($9.99), has rebooted her career and become a PI in Montana. A single mother, Cassie sometimes has to take work where she finds it, but her alarm bells go off when attorney Rachel Mitchell offers her a dubious assignment: investigating the arrest of millionaire Blake Kleinsasser, who has been charged with raping his 15-year-old niece, Franny Porché. The black sheep of his wealthy ranching family, Blake admits he was too drunk that night to remember whether he attacked Franny. Thus, gathering evidence that could clear Blake will be a huge challenge. 

Box remains at the top of his game.

T Jefferson Parker  signs  The Last Good Guy  (Putnam $27)

Patrick, making this the August Hardboiled Crime Club Pick, says, "One of our finest crime writers, Parker never rests on his laurels and is consistently raises the bar for himself. The new novel featuring Private Investigator Roland Ford is a stunner, exploring difficult questions about our troubled, divisive times and keeping it soulful and real."
28-year-old Penelope Rideout, whose parents died 10 years earlier in a car crash, hires PI Roland Ford to locate her missing 14-year-old sister, Daley, who has a "wild streak." Soon Ford finds Nick shot to death. The ensuing search for Daley involves a megachurch and its charismatic pastor, an unusually secretive private security firm, and a decommissioned nuclear power plant. 

Parker seamlessly integrates the backstories of Daley and Penelope while interspersing Ford's ruminations on his own troubled life .
Sandra Brown
Thursday 7:00 PM
Ticketed Event  ($27 book admits one; $32 admits two with one book)

Feel free to come at the last minute. We put in tickets to avoid standees or fans in the parking lot. 

Sandra Brown  signs  Outfox  (Grand Central $27)

Brown once again shows that why she remains at the top of the suspense field. We are excited that she is making her first formal signing at The Pen. And I add that I was puzzled about aspects of this book until I hit the end... when Brown reveals what's really going on. Masterful. Pretty good sex too.

FBI special agent Drex Easton is obsessed with catching a serial killer who has preyed on wealthy single women for more than 30 years. The cunning murderer, who uses various aliases, leaves no clues behind, only missing women and empty bank accounts. A lead takes Drex and his team to Mount Pleasant, S.C., where he poses as the new neighbor of the suspected killer, now using the name Jasper Ford, who has a beautiful, much younger wife, Talia Shafer. Drex wants to find out whether Talia knows Jasper is a killer, but in the process he falls helplessly in love with her. In a further complication, another FBI agent, who hates Drex and wants to discredit him, tries to shut down the case. Drex sets a trap for Jasper, but his weakness for Talia threatens its success and the lives of his fellow agents. 
Official Romance Day
Join us at 2:00 PM
Selected Giveaways & Treats
Official Romance Day

John will be handing out giveaways to those attending who buy one of the books (we give you a number for the signing line)

Heather Redmond
 signs  Grave Expectations  (Kensington $26)

Set in London in the summer of 1835, this clever reimagining of Charles Dickens's life, journalist Dickens is looking forward to his wedding to Kate Hogarth. Realizing that he has not seen his upstairs neighbor, Miss Haverstock, in several days, Charles takes Kate for a visit. In her rooms, the couple discovers the elderly spinster murdered. Two convicts have recently escaped from a nearby prison, and the neighborhood has suffered a rash of burglaries, leading Charles to suspect a fairly routine crime. Kate insists that the staging of the body-Miss Haverstock is wearing a yellowed wedding gown and a corkscrew is buried in her neck-indicates a complex personal motive instead. Second for this series after A Tale of Two Murders ($15.95). Clearly the titles play on Dickens' novels.

Eliza Emmett  signs  A Love Made to Measure  (Wild Rose $12.99)

Cora Larsen is well known on Regent Street where she creates dresses that are "the toast of the Season." She is a gifted maker of men's suits too, not that many Victorians are willing to have a woman take their measurements. Lord Galavyin believes in marrying for love, not convenience and refuses to consider an arranged marriage. One day, he walks through Cora's door to collect a dress and is smitten with her forward-thinking social ideals. But, despite their growing friendship, he cannot persuade Cora to ignore the difference in their status and address him by his first name-Grant. When Cora loses the lease on her shop, she thinks it is simply a coincidence that the building belongs to Grant's family. She doesn't yet know she is in love with a man whose mother is the worst enemy one can imagine. Grant will do anything to keep Cora safe and employed, even if it takes helping her without her knowledge. What follows is a game of cat and mouse that will test Cora's resolve and Grant's love to their limits. (Calling him "Grant" is IMHO a false note for this period)

Liana de la Rose  signs  To Love a Scandalous Duke  ($14.99)

Family scandal drove Declan Sinclair into exile years ago. Now he's called home, devastated to discover his brother has been murdered, making Declan the new Duke of Darington. As he tries to unravel what happened to his brother, the clues point to the man he blames for his exile. Declan resolves to ruin the culprit. If only the daughter of the man's business partner, lovely Lady Alethea Swinton, didn't tempt his resolve. Lady Alethea has cultivated her pristine reputation in the hopes of winning her father's praise. When her childhood friend returns, Alethea finds she's willing to court scandal and defy her father to help the handsome Duke uncover the truth behind his brother's death. But his redemption would mean her family's ruin...

More Ticketed Events

Ticketed Event  $28 admits one person with a choice of either book

Billy Jensen  signs  Chase Darkness with Me  (Sourcebooks $25.99)

Hank Phillippi Ryan  signs  The Murder List  (Forge $27.99)

Extra copies of both will be for sale. True Crime podcaster Jensen has so many fans we can't risk having anyone out in the parking lot in the heat. 


Craig Johnson signs Land of Wolves (Viking 28$)

Our 30th Birthday!

Joe Hill in conversation with Leslie S. Klinger
and introducing the Haunted Library Series debuting in January

Hill signs Full Throttle (Morrow $27.99)

Klinger signs
The New Annotated H P Lovecraft:Beyond Arkham
(Norton $39.95)

Can't attend? Please order books in the usual way.
Classic Crimes for August

British Library Crime Classics
Lorac, ECR. Murder in the Mill Race (Poisoned Pen $14.99).

 "Never make trouble in the village." You may know about your neighbor's sins and shortcomings, but you must never name them aloud. It'd make trouble, and small societies want to avoid trouble. When Dr Raymond Ferens moves to a practice at Milham in the Moor in North Devon, he and his wife are enchanted with the beautiful hilltop village lying so close to moor and sky. At first, they see only its charm, but soon they begin to uncover its secrets-envy, hatred, and malice. Everyone says that Sister Monica, warden of a children's home, is a saint-but then her body is found drowned in the mill-race, and the villagers do their best to keep their dark secrets to themselves...

Gilbert, Michael. Smallbone Deceased (Poisoned Pen $14.99). 

A belated PW Starred Review: "In this ingenious reissue in the British Library Crime Classics series first published in 1950 from Gilbert (1912-2006), Henry Bohun starts work at the London law firm of Horniman, Birley and Craine at an unusually dramatic time. A month before his first day, firm founder Abel Horniman, a stickler for organization, was found dead at his desk, pen in hand. Horniman's son, Bob, who's catching up with correspondence, finds a letter relating to client Marcus Smallbone from another law office that was trying to contact him in connection with a trust. But when the sealed box that was supposed to contain the documents relating to that trust was opened, Smallbone's corpse was found instead. Chief Inspector Hazlerigg, who has worked with a friend of Bohun's, hopes that Bohun will be able to provide him with insider information-though his superior warns Hazlerigg not to be "like that mug in the detective story who confides all his best ideas to a friendly sort of character who turns out to be the murderer in Chapter Sixteen." Gilbert expertly combines fairly planted clues and self-referential humor. Well-drawn personalities and plausible twists are additional pluses. This high-quality whodunit deserves a wide readership."

Bagley, Desmond. Bahama Crisis (Collins Crime Club $12.99). 

Most of Bagley's nifty thrillers were still in print when I opened The Pen in 1989. I'm glad to see some filtering back. Here Tom Mangan was a sharply successful entrepreneur who lured the super-rich to his luxury hotels in the sun-soaked Bahamas. Then violent tragedy struck: his own family disappeared, and a series of misfortunes, accidents and mysterious epidemics began to drive the tourists away and wreck Mangan's livelihood. Fatally, he becomes determined to confront his enemy - and the hunt is on... This is a little hardcover edition.
Orczy, Baroness. The Case of Miss Elliott (Pushkin/Steerforth $12.95). 

The Teahouse Detective, Volume 2. "Mysteries! There is no such thing as a mystery in connection with any crime, provided intelligence is brought to bear upon its investigation," says a rather down-at-heel elderly gentleman to young Polly Burton of the Evening Observer, in the corner of the ABC teashop on Norfolk Street one afternoon. Once she has forgiven him for distracting her from her newspaper and luncheon, Miss Burton discovers that her interlocutor is as brilliantly gifted as he is eccentric: able to solve mysteries that have made headlines and baffled the finest minds of the police without once leaving his seat in the teahouse.
            Start with The Old Man in the Corner ($14.95), the first collection of mysteries featuring the Teahouse Detective-a contemporary of Sherlock Holmes, with a brilliant mind and waspish temperament to match that of Conan Doyle's creation. Golden Age mysteries from the author of The Scarlet Pimpernel

Our August Calendar
CJ Box signs Bitterroots (St Martins $27.99)
Cassie Dewell
T Jefferson Parker signs The Last Good Guy (Putnam $27)
PI Roland Ford
Our copies of both books come with photos of these two buddies fishing, each book a different photo
Ticketed Event   ($27 book admits one; $32 admits two with one book)
Sandra Brown signs Outfox (Grand Central $27)
Official Romance Day
Heather Redmond signs  Grave Expectations (Kensington $26)
Eliza Emmett signs A Love Made to Measure (Wild Rose $12.99)
Liana de la Rose signs To Love a Scandalous Duke ($14.99)
Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child sign Old Bones (Grand Central $28)
Nora Kelly #1 Signed by both authors
Lincoln Child participates by Skype
Preorders accepted now as we often sell out 
Steve Cavanagh signs Thirteen (Flatiron $26.99)
Lawyer Eddie Flynn in a sensational legal thriller
Lisa Lutz signs The Swallows (Ballantine $27)
Ticketed Event $28 admits one person with a choice of either book
Billy Jensen signs Chase Darkness with Me (Sourcebooks $25.99)
Hank Phillippi Ryan signs The Murder List (Forge $27.99)
Extra copies of both will be for sale
Bryn Greenwood signs The Reckless Oath We Made (Putnam $26)
Karin Slaughter signs The Last Widow (Morrow $27.99)
Will Trent
Coffee & Crime : No Meeting
SciFi Friday : August 16 7:00 PM
Valente, Catherynne. Space Opera ($14.99)
Croak & Dagger : Saturday August 17 10:30 AM
Bannalec, Jean-Luc. The Fleur de Sel Murders ($17.99)
Hardboiled Crime: Thursday August 29 7:00 PM
Dennis, Ralph. Atlanta Deathwatch ($16.99)

Our September Calendar

Stephen Coonts signs The Russia Account (Regnery $27.99)
Coonts will be joined by 3 former CIA agents turned authors
Dave Austin signs Tehran's Vengeance ($12/99)
Thomas Pecora signs Guardian : Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror (Post Hill Press $27.99)
Mike Trott signs The Protected (Archway $29.95)
William Kent Krueger signs This Tender Land (Atria $27)
A coming of age story; think Huck Finn
Our copies come with an extra written by Kent just for you
Jenn McKinlay signs A Word to the Wise (Berkley $26)
A Library Lovers Mystery
Poisoned Pen Press Party with giveaways and treats
Sara Johnson signs her debut Molten Mud Murder (Sourcebooks $15.95)
American forensics specialist in New Zealand
Thomas Kies signs Graveyard Bay (Sourcebooks $26.99)
Reporter Geneva Chase
Andrew Gross signs The Fifth Column (St Martins $28.99)
WWII New York City thriller
TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17 7:00 PM Book Launch
Nevada Barr signs What Rose Forgot (St Martins $28.99)
A thriller
Linwood Barclay signs Elevator Pitch (Morrow $26.99)
Ticketed Event $32 admits one with one book; $37 admits two with one book
Craig Johnson signs Land of Wolves (Viking $28)
Sheriff Walt Longmire
Paddy Hirsch signs Hudson's Kill (Forge $25.99)
Justice Flanagan 1803 New York City
Publication Party for James Sallis
SJ Rozan signs  Paper Son (Pegasus $25.95)
Lydia Chin & Bill Smith
James Sallis signs  Sarah Jane (Soho $23.95)
T. Greenwood signs Keeping Lucy (St Martins $27.99)
Suspense based on a true story of a Downs child
Kyle Mills signs Vince Flynn Lethal Agent (Atria $28.99)
Mitch Rapp
Mary Anna Evans signs  Catacombs (Sourcebooks $26.95 and $15.95)
Faye Longchamp Archaeology Mysteries
Poisoned Pen Press Party with giveaways and treats
Warren Easley signs  No Way to Die (Sourcebooks $26.95 and $15.95)
Lawyer Cal Claxton Oregon Mysteries
Dennis Palumbo signs  Head Wounds (Sourcebooks $15.95
Psychologist Dr. Daniel Rinaldo
MONDAY SEPTEMBER 30 7:00 PM Book Launch
John Sandford signs Bloody Genius (Putnam $29)
Our copies come with an exclusive custome-designed extra that fits 
The Body in the Library of Virgil Flowers #12
JA Jance signs Sins of the Fathers (Harper $26.99
JP Beaumont
TICKETED EVENT Limited to 150
Reception at Arcadia Farms Catering 6:00 PM
Program 7:00 PM
Joe Hill signs Full Throttle: Stories (Harper $27.99)
Leslie S. Klinger signs The New Annotated HP Lovecraft: Beyond Arkham (Norton $39.95) and introduces 2020's The Haunted Library Series (horror)
Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don't read the selection in advance

Coffee & Crime : Saturday September 14 10:30 AM
Rice, Craig. Home Sweet Homicide ($15.95)

SciFi Friday : September 20 7:00 PM
Lee, Fonda. Jade City ($15.95)

Croak & Dagger : Saturday September 21 10:30 AM
Turton, Stuart. The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle ($16.99)

Hardboiled Crime: Wednesday September 25 7:00 PM
Welch, James. The Death of Jim Loney ($15)

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One reason we don't have a cafe or bar in The Pen is there isn't enough dedicated parking to allow one.

Enjoy --there are all sorts of food and beverages on offer.
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