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Our September 2021 Newsletter
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September again? How can this be happening?
We had a very busy August and have remained safe, despite the troubles affecting our country and our world. Our August 30%-off sale was a huge success, with more than fifty pieces going to budget-conscious buyers. Our thanks to all of you who found something to add to your lives.
Covid and Us
Jan and I both received our Covid vaccinations in February and March and enjoyed a brief period of mask-free bliss. But the Delta variant concerns us greatly, and we've resumed wearing masks in enclosed spaces, not merely as protection for ourselves but also for those with whom we interact. According to the WHO, the Delta strain is considerably more contageous than the original, and Jan and I feel strongly that we all must work together if we hope to contain it.

Here in our small rural town of fewer then 1800 residents, nine new cases were reported in the last two weeks of August, demonstrating vividly that the pandemic is far from over. The inability (should I say 'unwillingness'?) of many on both sides of the Atlantic to take the necessary steps to contain the virus, and the unhappy ending of our attempted mini-holiday in Canada last month (see below), are causing us to reconsider our scheduled trip to England later this month. We still have a week to decide.
In this month's newsletter
More than two dozen small and inexpensive jewelry and accessory items
The tale of our trip to (but not across) the Canadian border
News of upcoming shows
This month's picture of Pippin
A short video of a large predatory bird in flight over our meadow
This month's new listings
This month’s new listings include more than two dozen pieces of jewelry and tiny smalls, some old – some not so old. Prices start at $25, and only one piece is priced at more than $100. Because of these low prices, all of which include free domestic shipping. all prices are NET. Click the necklaces above to see these new listings. Please note: These pieces are not in our website's Jewelry Gallery, but are available only through this link.
An Ill-fated Vacation
Last month we booked a three-night stay in our favorite Montreal hotel, resuming an annual tradition interrupted by the pandemic in 2020. When we reached the US/Canada border, we were, not unexpectedly, refused entry. If you’re up for a story about high hopes and the challenges posed by bureaucratic hurdles, click on the picture of Montreal's skyline.
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Pippin's Page
You know how it's done. Just click the picture.
The Back Page
Last month the hay in our meadow was harvested for the second time this summer. The haying process exposes hundreds of the small rodents who live in the meadow, concealed by the tall grasses. This fact doesn't escape the predatory birds that live nearly. This fall the redtail hawks and turkey vultures were present in unusually great numbers each time the tractors began their work. We were especially fortunate to have spotted a vulture lying in wait. The huge bird waited while I walked onto the meadow and got ready to film him in flight. As if on cue, his massive wings spread and lifted him from the meadow. It was a rare opportunity for us, and we'd like to share the resulting video with our readers. We've slowed it a little, to make this display of strength and grace even more dramatic. Click the picture to watch.
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October 16 & 17
The Fall Fox Valley Virtual Antiques Show

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