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Volume 1, Issue 4
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The Trucker Tax
"We don't just "do" your taxes, we CUT them"
My prayer for the Holidays
by Dennis Bridges


I'm writing this on Monday morning, the 22nd, and many of our trucking clients and friends are getting ready for a week of family and merriment, with a dash of stress thrown in. The Bridges household has been an absolute zoo, because on Saturday the 27 th, two days after Christmas, I'll be walking my baby girl Kimberly down the aisle... wish me luck!


Perhaps especially this year, it's clear that while the holidays are a time of joy for many, they can also be a time of pain for a significant portion of my contacts (and yours) as well.


Missing loved ones, loneliness, and pain can sometimes feel like the real "decorations" of this season -- and if that's the case for you, know that you are not alone, and that you are loved and appreciated.


Not only by us here at eTruckerTax, but undoubtedly by more people than you could possibly imagine. THAT is the bottom-line, real-world truth, whether you believe it or not right now.


If Santa Were Audited?

Leave it to a CPA to sit around wondering what would happen if the jolly, fat man in the red suit were audited by the IRS!


OK, the first question that crosses my mind is, how much mileage is he taking on his return in the first place, and second what on earth does his mileage log look like?!


Can you just see it? Eight million miles, all driven on one day of the year? Are you kidding me?


And what about receipts for gas? Can you see it when the auditor asks for gas receipts? And Ol' St. Nick says, "Ho, ho.. I don't really use fuel per se but I can show you what I use for reindeer food". Really Santa?


After a while, calmer heads prevailed, and I started thinking about this whole audit deal. Like for example, the fact that Santa is neither a citizen nor a taxpayer resident of the U.S. So, boom, right there, we know he wouldn't be audited by the IRS.

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I'm Not Losing a Daughter, I'm Gaining a Son!


This coming Saturday afternoon, two days after Christmas, I will be walking our younger daughter Kimberly down the aisle. Robin and I were with her and her fiancé, Will, when he proposed to her just over a year ago at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.


What an incredibly exciting year this has been for our entire family! She has blossomed into a lovely picture of feminity with a brilliant mind and a beautiful, caring heart.


I wish I could rightly take credit for more than her gorgeous blue eyes. I gladly give credit to Robin for everything that's "right" about her... and that's pretty much everything.

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From Your Friend, Dennis Bridges
No Annoying Tax Lingo... Just Straight, Easy-To-Follow Expert Advice!

What are Your Christmas Traditions?


Part of what makes Christmas so special, aside from it signifying the birth of Christ, is the traditions that we create and hold to year after year.


It may be a special meal that you share, or an act of service to others. Or it may be  something special that your kids participate in.


One of our few really priceless possessions is our collection of Christmas morning videos with our two young daughters. Like maybe when Katherine was 7 and Kimberly was 3... 20 years ago.

An Unexpected Gift from Congress!


Hold it - did I read that right? How can the words Gift and Congress even appear in the same sentence?


Ok, I guess I wouldn't quite call it a miracle, but it's sure gonna feel like it for owner-operators and fleet owners!


What is it?


Literally, just last week, Congress passed a bill that would restore the two HUGE depreciation benefits that were not renewed after 2013: 


Call us!

Merry Christmas from Dennis Bridges
and the Tax-cutting Elves at
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