California State Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris launched a 'State of Care' provider campaign, and a 'Number Story' campaign to reach the public. Both programs serve to highlight the increased need for trauma informed care following the
Covid-19 pandemic.
"ACEs are not destiny," said Dr. Burke Harris. "Community organizations, health care teams, and individuals throughout California can play a vital role in improving lives and transforming health outcomes.
Together, we can make our state of care, ACEs Aware".
Click the icons and text below to learn more about State and Local resources for ACEs education and resiliency:
Sonoma County TIA PHN
Home Visiting
The Field Nursing Trauma Informed Approach in Public Health Nursing (TIA PHN) team make home visits to income eligible pregnant women and families parenting a child under 5 years of age. Nurses provide ACEs and resiliency education, depression screenings, and developmental assessments for infants and children. TIA PHNs work with clients to help identify and reduce barriers to medical care, and assist clients in accessing community-based resources.  
The TIA PHN team developed a nurse home visiting model that addresses the unique needs of families where children are most likely to encounter toxic stress. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research has demonstrated a link between traumatic experiences in childhood and poor health and social status in adulthood. This model incorporates ACEs education in a self-reflective approach with parents to increase family resilience and reduce the risk for future childhood trauma. The TIA PHN team is committed to avoiding re-traumatizing individuals by incorporating trauma-informed principles. The Public Health Nursing teams of Napa, San Francisco and Sonoma counties have collaborated to form the San Francisco Home Visiting Consortium with the goal of delivering the TIA PHN model faithfully. These counties have also agreed to participate in a rigorous evaluation by UCSF School of Nursing. Outcomes of the TIA PHN program include: linkage to a medical and dental home; referrals to health insurance; access to prenatal/postpartum care; access to well child checks and immunizations; depression and substance use screenings and referrals.
Sonoma County Maternal Child and Adolescent Health