Dear Spectrum Friend,

To update the direction and commitments that will guide Adventist Forum for the next few years, a new Strategic Plan was developed in 2020 by a committee which included Alexander Carpenter, Carmen Lau (chair), Joyce Newmyer, Brenton Reading, and Alisa Williams.
The committee took into consideration much input from an array of voices while framing the guiding purpose that will inform the structures, processes, and decisions of Adventist Forum and then circulated draft versions for more feedback.
The Adventist Forum Board approved the Strategic Plan in December meeting and is now mobilizing resources and organizing actions to attain the major goals in the next few years.
We wanted to share a few excerpts from the Strategic Plan with you.
The Mission of Adventist Forum

Adventist Forum’s purpose is conversation toward Seventh-day Adventist renewal. Adventist Forum affirms both our Movement’s calling and its (imperfect) humanity. True renewal, we believe, involves both honest self-correction and fresh imagination….

Adventist Forum is a fully independent advocate of SDA renewal that is beholden to readers but not to any official administrative structure. The point is to challenge apathy and to advance Adventist faithfulness and mission. The work of Adventist Forum is fluid—reminding people to attend to that which is timely—rumbles, fractures, trends, creations, powers, alliances, losses—as well as that which is transcendent and timeless.
Overarching Goals
Adventist Forum will create the premiere web presence in Adventism. The Spectrum website will host conversation on a variety of topics, including those not addressed in traditional church spaces and will be a place where visionaries and opposition can respectfully speak. The historical contributions of Adventist Forum will be visible on the website.
Adventist Forum will continue to expand its independent reporting of news relevant to the Seventh-day Adventist Church via all of its media choices including Spectrum journal, Adventist Voices podcast, and the Spectrum website.
Adventist Forum will take steps to increase the number of members and broaden its reach through its website, journal, books, convocations and increasing the use of video and digital media.
Adventist Forum will seek to be a space where each person will be respected and empowered, and Adventist Forum will advocate the bedrock biblical principles found in Micah 6:8 and Galatians 3:28 in the context of the life and teachings of Jesus.
Adventist Forum will prioritize strategic partnerships with local Adventist Forum chapters.
Adventist Forum will seek strategic partnerships with groups which have common values and with those for whom there would be benefit to both groups in the form of shared content and broadened reach. Partnership will not mean the two groups are in total alignment. 
Inspired by the clear role our Strategic Plan articulates for us, the Board and Staff is aligning all its decisions and activities with the six major Goals.
Our hope is that you will join us in these commitments in whatever ways you choose. With the added power of your support, our unified efforts will enable us to fulfill Adventist Forum’s potential.
Adventist Forum, Board Chair
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Adventist Forum, publisher of SPECTRUM and, is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to promoting community through conversation in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.