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July / August 2021
Hello Everyone!

Vermont is America's Safe and Most Vaccinated State. More than 67% of the state's roughly 624,000 residents have been fully vaccinated, compared with about 49% for the US overall. Welcome to Vermont! 

Now, you can lose yourself among the most share-worthy scenes dotted among the corners of Vermont. It’s not hard to make travel photos in Vermont look stunning. With our lush green mountains, glittering lakes and quaint New England architecture, our region’s beauty speaks for itself. Give your Instagram followers a true Vermont experience with our carefully designed itineraries around our most picturesque offerings. Be warned…the scent of our crisp clean Vermont air, the rich baritone hooting of local Barred Owls and the golden Vermont sun can only be enjoyed in person. 

Lots of changes to our website—take a look at our new Favorite Travel Photos page. And, there's more!

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Kay & Glenn
Midweek at Saratoga
That’s Kay and famed jockey Manuel Franco—listed at 5’1” and 112 lbs. Franco is one of the veteran jockeys on the professional circuit at just 26 years of age with lifetime earnings of over $100 million! In 2021, “Manny” has been in the money 46% of the time. We’re back at the track this Sunday with friends comfortably viewing the races from The Turf Terrace Dining Room. Wish us luck!
The Lottery
Many of us have read Shirley Jackson’s short story, The Lottery, but you may not know that “Jackson drew some of her inspiration for the quaint, bucolic village depicted in The Lottery from her own life in Bennington.” The short story appeared in The New Yorker in June 1946. Click here to read or listen to the 18-minute story. Find out further below why this photo is not accurate. *  
Sunday in Saratoga!
Just goofing around at the Saratoga Automotive Museum. This Gillette tire sign is headed to the Saratoga Motorcar Auction in September. We’re thinking of attending—some of the early featured Automotive consignments look quite interesting. We spent an amazing day in Saratoga walking Broadway and brunch at Max London’s…
Perspective Comes from Encountering Something Completely New...
Our New Breakfast Menu...
Roughly 80%, and I’m just guessing, of our five-star reviews describe in some detail how much they love Kay’s breakfasts. And, for those that haven’t enjoyed one of our breakfasts, we’ve now put our incredible breakfasts into words… of course, our menu is like no other—please have a look!
Why is La Grande Arche in our Newsletter? 
The Grande Arche de la Défense was completed in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the French Revolution. In 2019, the arch’s crumbling Italian Carrara marble exterior was replaced with BETHEL WHITE® granite from the Rock of Ages quarry in Graniteville, Vermont—the Grande Arche de la Défense restoration won the highly prestigious Grand Pinnacle Award that year. There's more below!
Lake George Steamboat Cruise
Lac du Saint Sacrement Sunset Dinner Cruise was the most fun we’ve had this summer! The lake is stunning with magnificent western views of the Adirondack Mountains, and is surrounded by undisturbed mountain wilderness on the eastern side of the lake. The two plus hour voyage takes you past beautiful lake homes and the ship’s interaction with those on shore was a delightful surprise—that’s all I’m going to say.
Connecting Our Guests to New Experiences… 
Inside the Circus Building • Shelburne Museum
Look closely... The Kirk Bros. Circus is a masterpiece of American folk art. This 3,500-piece maliciously hand carved circus was originally conceived as a toy for the maker’s four children stretching over 40 years to complete (1910-1956). The entire three-ring circus is complete with a mesh and canvas tent and electric lights. The photo only captures a portion of the entire circus—you’ll be spellbound when you see this fanciful diorama for the first time! 

The Circus Building where the Kirk Bros. Circus is displayed is a guest favorite, and ours too! The horseshoe shaped building was designed to showcase the hand-carved miniature Arnold Circus Parade stretching nearly 518 feet—it’s an endless parade that captures the imagination. The collection also includes 500 circus posters from the 1830s -1960s and antique wooden carousel horses from the same period. They even have a working vintage carousel in front of the building! Simply Magnificent!
La Bella Vita • The Sagamore Resort • Lake George, New York
An early al fresco dinner on the deck at The Sagamore is always spectacular! A nice breeze off the water made for a very comfortable outdoor dining experience. Make sure to ask for Calvin, our server was gracious, elegant and charmingly funny. Many of our guests have enjoyed the same extraordinary dining experience at the Sagamore! And, I almost forgot; the lobster ravioli was probably the best I've ever had...
Another Lunch Option Amy's on the Road • Manchester, Vermont 
We stopped here two weeks ago for an impromptu lunch. We split Gary’s Patty Melt and a Carrot Cake Whoopie Pie that’s to die for! We met Amy—incredibly nice as was her entire team, even with a steady stream of customers. Our food was prepared and served from this 1968 converted Airstream—all the menu items are creative and delicious! There’s a varied menu of traditional, ethnic and vegetarian options that all sounded scrumptious. Located in the Perfectpiece Furniture Consignment Shop parking lot, and across the street from the Orvis Outlet. Open Monday-Saturday from 8:00AM – 2:30PM. This is a must visit, and we’re going again next week! (click on the photo to see all their amazing food photos!)
Lemon Ricotta & Mascarpone Pancake Recipe
We’re now making these pancakes twice a week for our guests—this is the most sought-after breakfast this year, with our Quiche Lorraine a close second. Click on the recipe below so that you too can enjoy these unbelievably delicious pancakes at home—and, there's a bonus recipe inside!
Henry Sheldon Museum • Middlebury, Vermont 
The Sheldon Museum of Vermont History is the oldest community-based Museum in the country, and has welcomed visitors since 1884. The Federal style house, built in 1829, is located in downtown Middlebury and is filled with exquisite Vermont furniture, paintings, historic documents and other objects that provide a glimpse into Vermont’s past.
Just Pure Fun • Pastime Pinball • Manchester, Vermont
Pastime Pinball has a collection of more than 60 top-rated pinball machines from every major American manufacturer—all of their games rank in the top 100 of their decade. When’s the last time you visited a hands-on museum featuring 65 pinball machines? Take a shot at one of their gun games from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Or test your puck sliding skills on a 70-year-old Shuffle Bowler and Skee Alley. There’s always something different in Vermont for our guests—we can’t wait to play! 
Our Day Trip Last Week... Rock of Ages Quarry • Graniteville, Vermont
We finally had to see this granite quarry for ourselves—and this untouched photo with Tiffany Blue water is reason enough. The bonus is the two-hour backroad drive through Vermont’s most scenic roads, rivers and byways with unending forest and distant farm pasture views. Simply stunning!

We arrived at the visitors center well in advance of our 1:15PM guided tour where we immersed ourselves in beautifully curated historic photos and exhibits. Our 45-minute tour of Smith Quarry was fascinating. This photo was taken from the observation area—the quarry, nearly 600 feet deep, is the largest operating deep-hole, dimension granite quarry in the world.  
A Vermont Summer GardenDiscover the Joy of Tranquility... 

*The Lottery photo in the first section may not be quite accurate—The Lottery takes place in the village, not a gathering in a pasture.


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