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Summer 2020    

We hope you and your family are keeping well and have been able to spend some time outside, enjoying our incredible summer weather and distanced activities.  As we continue to move forward and 're-open' our economy, we encourage everyone to still be vigilant and remain safe.

We have been incredibly busy at Spectrum with our office move and are happy to report we are officially in our new location!  The physical move went well but alas, technology migration gave us a bit of a challenge, but all should be in good shape now.

As previously mentioned, our phone, fax and emails remain unchanged.  Only our mailing address needs updating: 

134 Collier Street
Barrie, ON   L4M 1H4

We remain here to support you in any way possible and due to the pandemic, will continue to work with you through phone, email and zoom/skype, wherever possible.  
If a physical meeting is required, we will have a COVID assessment completed and will take all necessary precautions for your safety, as well as ours.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Please stay healthy, stay strong and stay in touch!

Best wishes,                    
Karen, Richard, Janet and Sheila

Seeking Shelter in Stormy Seas

There are specific investment contracts designed to offer you a level of protection from volatile markets; These are called Segregated Funds.  As with all investment options, there are pros and cons to review and consider. 

If you wish to chat about whether this type of strategy may be right for you, please have a read of the attached article and call or email us to discuss it in greater detail.  

 Have you thought about going  back to school?

Perhaps your employment has been affected by the pandemic and you wonder whether learning a new vocation may be wise, but not sure how you would finance it.  Did you know that you can use RRSP funds to help cover the cost of a post secondary education?

Full Details of the 'Life Long Learning Program' can be found here ...

Connect with us if you wish to learn more about this program and how you may be able to utilize its benefits.

Loaning Money to your Children

Being in a position to be able to help your children financially is a wonderful thing, but there are many points to consider and precautions one should perhaps take.
Kelly Keehn talks with Phsychologist Dr. Moira Somers in this great video. 

How to Reduce Debt and Improve Your Finances

Many families have been able to save money during the pandemic,as they are not out spending, but there are also many families that are unfortunately accumulating debt, perhaps due to a job loss.  

It is okay to go through periods of time where we are not fully paying our bills or diligently saving, but it is important to get back on track as soon as possible.   

This article from Sun Life will help you to manage debt more effectively and improve your financial situation.                      

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Spectrum Summer Hours

As in previous years, our staff will be leaving at noon on Fridays, so that they can enjoy a bit of the summer days and get a jump start on the weekend.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful August !

Market Watch
Market Watch   

For those with more of an interest in what has happened in the markets this past week, click here for an in-depth update from TD.
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