The Athletes Connected Newsletter: July 2018

Each quarter we will share updates surrounding our program and other student-athlete mental health initiatives. This issue features the last video in our injury and mental health series, as well as an accompanying first-person piece about career-ending injury. We also put spotlights on other initiatives from around the country and share some thought leadership pieces from the Michigan athletic community. 
Athletes Connected Updates
In April, Athletic Department staff members Jevon Moore, Emily Klueh, and Abigail Eiler were trained by Ali Tomlinson of IN-Power Performance Coaching on how to facilitate restorative yoga sessions for student-athletes. Restorative yoga sessions have been conducted since June on a weekly basis through the end of July. In the Fall semester, restorative yoga will continue every other week, with wellness groups available during the alternating weeks.

Athletes interested in attending the sessions should check their email and text messages for updates and sign-up links.
In The News
The Athletic: Passion, purpose, and a love story

"I didn't want to have to trick people into listening to me because I was your coach... I wanted to pull the sport away from it. I want to say, 'OK, I have nothing else to do with this other than your well-being."
- Jevon Moore

In this article, Jevon Moore shares his unlikely journey to the Athletes Connected program. Learn how Jevon's decision to relocate and be with the love of his life led him to pursue a different career path where he could make a larger impact.  [ Read More ]
Inaugural Staff Impact Award Presented to Stephanie Salazar

The University of Michigan presented the inaugural University of Michigan Staff Impact Awards on Monday, May 21. Athletes Connected's Stephanie Salazar, Outreach & Education Program Manager for the U-M Depression Center, was one of four supervisor award recipients   [ Read More ]
The Detroit News: Michigan athletes tackling mental health issues

As part of Mental Health Awareness month, Will Heininger and Emily Klueh spoke with The Detroit News to share how the conversation around mental health in athletics has evolved since their time as student-athletes.   [ Read More ]

"When you walk into the weight room, people are like, 'Oh, good, you're working on yourself.' You walk into the counseling office, it should be the same thing: You're working on yourself."
- Will Heininger
Spotlight: Other Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiatives
Tigers Together: Clemson Invests in Athletes' Mental Health

Beginning this year, every Clemson athletics staff member will attend a mental health seminar with a focus on suicide warning signs and prevention. They're calling it Tigers Together.  [ Read More ]
Pitt hires two full-time clinical counselors for student-athletes      

Pitt launched a mental health counseling program for student-athletes. Counselors will focus on mindfulness and stress-reduction strategies as well as one-on-one counseling.  [ Read More ]
Call for Study Participants
Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health are currently seeking volunteers to participate in a study being conducted to better understand the experiences of dealing with physical and/or psychological health conditions during or following collegiate running careers. Eligible participants are women ages 18-50 years old that participated in NCAA distance running for at least one season. Participation in the study requires an in-person interview that will last approximately 1 hour. If you are interested in participating in the study, please email Traci Carson or call 810-287-3367 for more information and to determine your eligibility.
Athletes Connected is a partnership between the University of Michigan Depression Center, School of Public Health, and Athletic Department.