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The summer is finally upon us! Many of you may be hosting your families from away or traveling yourself. It is a fun time of year. My daughter, Hope, just graduated from Camden Hills Regional High School and is now getting ready to go off to St. John's University in Queens New York. My father graduated from St. John's University Law School in 1954.

Will you be enjoying your vacation home, cottage, or camp this summer? Many times in discussions with clients, the vacation home is a important but confusing topic. Clients know that family members have sentimental attachment to this asset that could be worth a substantial part of their estate. How do you make sure there is no fighting over who gets to enjoy the summer place when your gone ? This is an important discussion to have with your family and your estate planning attorney. In this newsletter we discuss

* Saving the Family Camp
* Highlights from our recent Pet Planning Workshop

 Jesse F. Bifulco, Esq.
Hope Bifulco and my dad, Pasquale Bifulco
A very special thank you to all our clients that have referred their friends and family, or who have forwarded our newsletter.
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Saving the Family Camp
How to Keep the Beloved Summer Home in the Family
We all know having a special vacation spot to enjoy with family and friends is priceless. But, in reality, that relaxing summer spot you created has fees and maintenance attached to it. In your lifetime, you have provided for the family summer place and made it look effortless to those that enjoy it. Having a discussion about future expenses and schedules for the summer home should happen now. If you leave it unattended, probate and taxes could rob your family of another fun summer together. There are many estate planning options to protect the family camp.

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Loyal Biscuit Co. & Pope Memorial Humane Society Collaborate with Penbay Estate Planning Law Center for a Pet Planning Workshop

We would like to take this time to thank our co-sponsors and all those that attended our Pet Planning Workshop in Thomaston. There was interesting dialogue and furry companions. Many people do not realize all the things that can go awry when a life changing situation occurs. It was interesting to hear from April at Loyal Biscuit Co. April spoke about being consistent with food and toys while our furry friends are in transition. The Loyal Biscuit has a database of all their customers past food and pet care items available to help make that transition easier. The animals that contribute so much to our lives also experience the trauma of their owners. Having a community of caring individuals and organizations, can help pick up the pieces in a not-so- good situation. There are also estate planning options for those that want to provide for their pets when they can not. If you would like to know more about our Pet Planning Workshops, please visit our website.
Special Thank you to Loyal Biscuit Co. and Pope Memorial Humane Society & Tara the Cat!