April 8, 2020
Our Supply Chain / Medical Gas Valves
Milwaukee Valve is closely monitoring the evolving situation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and following our established business continuity policies and procedures. The business continuity/risk analysis for coronavirus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Review with suppliers of any possible impacts – none are anticipated at this time.
  • Review of possible impacts to operations/manufacturing locations – none are anticipated at this time.
  • Review of transportation impacts.

The situation continues to evolve and many uncertainties remain. Milwaukee Valve will pay close attention to the latest developments and the potential impact to our supply chain and overall operations. Any changes of significance will be communicated. We appreciate your patience and understanding of this developing situation. As always, our goal is to put safety and health first.

Simplify Installation for
Medical Gas And “Clean” Applications
For use in medical gas systems, pharmaceuticals and other applications where brazing or soldering is the preferred method of installation, Milwaukee Valve offers a 3-piece, bronze-body, full-port ball valve with 6’’ copper tube extensions brazed to each tailpiece. Contractors can realize considerable labor savings, since there is no need to disassemble the BA350TE, as required when installing other 3-piece valves.

The BA350TE is available in sizes ranging from 1/2’’ – 3’’. For increased installation flexibility, the BA350TE can be ordered with straight male tube-ends, female expanded ends or with a combination of male and female ends. Manufactured and tested in accordance with MSS SP-110, the valve’s full-port design provides high flow with minimal pressure drop, and the 3-piece construction simplifies maintenance and repair.

Standard features include reinforced RTFE seats and packing, a blowout-proof stem, and a chrome-plated brass ball. Options include stainless-steel ball and stem, single or dual gauge ports, and oxygen-cleaning conforming with CGA & NFPA requirements. Several external handle options (INSULATOR ® , stainless-steel, locking-lever, oval, oval-locking, T-handles) and two varieties of stem extensions can be shared with other domestically-produced commercial valves from Milwaukee Valve (BA100 2-piece bronze ball valve, or BA400 2-piece bronze full-port valve).
For more information, look up the BA350TE at www.MilwaukeeValve.com or contact your sales representative or regional manager. 
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