May 21, 2018
Our Thoughts and Prayers are With You . . .


Gen. Presbyter Jacqueline Taylor

Our thoughts and prayers are with you . . .

This sentiment has recently become  platitudinal  and incendiary since it was uttered by the American President in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. These words spoken, felt in direct contradiction to the speakers ties to the National Rifle Association and Congress' refusal to address gun control to the satisfaction of those students directly impacted. 

And here we are, another school shooting in Texas, and again, students balked at a familiar utterance which feels devoid of any real acknowledgment of the crisis of gun violence and the legislatures "head in the sand" approach to a solution. 

However, I would like to reclaim this ever-popular condolence - our thoughts and prayers are with you. These words do not have to be empty nor lack impact. Let's take our thoughts. Cogitation and obsessing notwithstanding, some of the greatest change began with a thought. Someone had to think about ending slavery in these United States. Someone had to think about nonviolent resistance in the Civil Rights movement. Someone had to think about climate change to promote recycling. Thoughts can lead to powerful action, to effective lobby and to the decision to get up and vote for leaders that will address responsible gun ownership. These thoughts need to be with these students and families.

What about prayers? I would imagine that some of us have a "testimony" of how prayer has had a positive impact on our lives and the lives of our community. Deep, fervent prayer joins the Holy Spirit revealed at Pentecost, with our hearts and minds. From there, we discern God's will for justice and peace for all people and re affirm Jesus' call to "love your neighbor as you love yourself". With this focus, I believe we are not promoting further access to violence with more guns. Instead the prayers inspire ways we can unite in our care for the grieving and actively support the students in their movement. As the old saying goes, "prayer changes things" and it can alter the course of history in these precarious times.

How can your thoughts and prayers create momentum for change? Think and pray on it.


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Susan Krehbiel Named Social Justice Consultant

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BAD Hosting Stewardship Training with Orlando Carr, Presbyterian Foundation

Safe Passage Immigration Forum at Ark & Dove PC

Knox PC Paint & Praise Party

Grace PC Hosting Crab Feast. 

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  • Steering Committee will meet at 1pm on May 23 
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Susan Krehbiel Named Social Justice Consultant

Susan Krehbiel , a longtime social advocate for the Church, has been named Social Justice Consultant for the Presbytery of Baltimore. In her new position, Susan will serve as a resource for ministry groups, partnerships, congregations and ad hoc groups or task forces within the Presbytery and facilitate shared learning around common concerns for social justice.  Her current focus is to support efforts within the Presbytery to promote racial justice and reconciliation among its churches and with their communities.  Susan may be reached at 410.433.2012 ext.151

Take Note:  New Fillable Remittance Form for Church Contributions and Donations. Click here. 


The Bay Area Disciples are hosting a Stewardship Training led by O landa Carr of the Presbyterian Foundation . The event will take place at Harundale Presbyterian Church  from 9am to noon on  Saturday, June 2. All church leaders of the Presbytery are invited! Please contact Jon Nelson with any questions.

Ark & Dove Presbyterian Church will host an informational forum about immigration entitled "Safe Passage" from 2-4 pm on Sunday June 10  in the church sanctuary. The forum will include panelists from the Esperanza Center, Annapolis Immigration Justice Network and DACA/TPS. Lunch will be served an childcare is available. To learn more, click Safe Passage.
Knox Presbyterian Church is hosting a Paint Party from 3-5pm on Saturday, June 9. This fun art class includes light refreshments, uplifting spiritual music and fellowship with other amateur artist-- as well as your very own 11" by 14" masterpiece. Space is limited; admission is $35 per person. All proceeds will support the installation of an outdoor digital sign. Click Paint Party for details.  
Grace Presbyterian Church is hosting a Crab Feast on July 28 but tickets now available for $55 . (The regular price of a ticket is $55.) For additional information call the church, 410.466.4000.

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