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Our Top 5 Bathroom Products
As with anything these days, there is an overwhelming amount of products to consider when planning a bathroom remodel.  If your bathroom is in need of a makeover, and you could use some help narrowing down the options, think about considering some of these bathroom products in your remodeling plans.

 -  Configured with optional bodysprays, handshower and/ or rainshower.
 - Add sound and chromatic lighting for the ultimate shower experience.
 - Valve placement should be accessible from shower threshold.

DRD Master Bathroom Remodel in San Jose
Designer: Amber Linse
Photographer: Laura Wrede

 - An added comfort having a warm towel, especially on those cold mornings.
-  Hardwired or plug options make it easy to add one at any time. Most are reasonably priced, making it an affordable luxury item.
- Various designs are available to help compliment the look and feel of any bathroom style.
DRD Bathroom Remodel in San Jose
Designer: Amber Linse
Photographer: Laura Wrede

 - More cost effective than framing and tiling in a bench.
 - Provides a permanent, yet non-invasive seat option in the shower by taking up almost no space when folded up or down.
 - A safe option, especially for people in a wheelchair or with limited mobility.
 - A concealed trapway makes the base much easier to keep clean.
 - The design provides clean lines and an elegant look from front to back.
 - Optional dual flush for water savings.

DRD Bathroom Remodel in San Martin
Designer: Amber Linse
Photographer: Laura Wrede

 - Offers a sleek and contemporary look for any bathroom style.
 - Ideal LED lighting for makeup application.
 - Custom options, such as a defogger and integral TV available.

Today's bathrooms are more than just a practical and functional space.  Luxury items and extra convenience features are becoming much more common than ever before.  Reach out to your local remodeling professional to help narrow down the best options for your specific needs.     

*This article was sourced from "GMH Today" Magazine for which Dave is an article contributor. For a direct link to this informative magazine, click here.


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Video Corner 

Click on the time-lapse video below to see our guys knock down walls and a fireplace to create a much more open and spacious kitchen.  The result is amazing! 
Morgan Hill Kitchen Remodel
Morgan Hill Kitchen Remodel

This time-lapse video is of another kitchen we did in Morgan Hill.  The layout stayed the same, but the updated kitchen is fantastic! 

Morgan Hill Kitchen Remodel
Morgan Hill Kitchen Remodel

Prepare to be amazed! The video below is a collection of before and afters from some of our recent remodeling projects over the past few months.

Recently Completed Projects | October 2015
Recently Completed Projects
October 2015




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