Great Opportunity and $300 Reward!
We have officially launched Sandy Ruben and Associates Florida!
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We have a wonderful opportunity. We are looking to hire one more person to join our team of reps in Florida.
If you refer us a person that we end up hiring, we will pay you a $300 reward.
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Lines Of Credit
I have a love/hate relationship with lines of credit. It became the life line for my store. I had mine set up where I took a line of credit in February, and repaid it in full in December. It enabled me to pay bills if not precisely on time, at least close to it.
My bank called in my line of credit. Fortunately, the amount was not humongous, though it did have a substantial effect on the financial health of my business.
I worked with a store for many years that was one of my favorites. It was extremely well thought out in it's use of a rather large space. Besides excellent merchandising, it also had a fantastic array of toys. The store was very tied into the community, and had multiple birthday party rooms that always seemed to be in use.
Sales for them were very brisk. In my mind, this was one of the biggest successes in the Specialty Toy Industry. Then one day, without any notice, the bank called in their loan. They gave them 90 days to pay it in full or they would be shutting them down. The amount owed was quite large.
The store owner scrambled in every way possible to come up with the money. She eventually did.
She also had no money left to pay any bills. The closing of the store was not sudden but rather a slow, painful demise. All of it caused by the calling in of her line of credit.
We all need working capital. As you are assessing your needs, just be sure you have a back up plan, if you're working with a bank, and your line of credit is suddenly called in.
Scentsory Putty From Crazy Aarons
(Our number one new item in 2019?)
Based on initial orders, this could be our top selling new item this year. There's an assortment of 6 scents, that cost $3.00 each (6)
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