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Summer, 2014



Greetings all, Summer is in full swing, barbecues are grilling and Frisbees are flying. We hope as always we find you in good health and spirits. Here is our seasonal snapshot and current Automobile Industry update 

Very Cool Summer Savings
Feds Break the Rules
Samples of Savings
Very Cool Summer Savings

Yes, it is very cool that the combination of the Federal Reserve still keeping loan rates at historic lows and car manufacturers producing vehicles at full production means the ball is in your court, the savings are yours to be had.


Production = Price Reduction

In 2006, during the height of the car boom, the US sold a record breaking 18 million new cars.  This number dropped to it's lowest point in 30 years at 12 million New cars sold in 2008.  The industry began to return to it's record breaking numbers in 2013, selling 16 million new cars.  In their quest to break that record from 2006, the Auto Industry is producing more cars than ever.  This means the car market is inundated with new vehicles right now, and to clear inventory dealerships are marking down new vehicles to great prices, which works FOR ALL of us!!

Samples of Savings


2014 Jetta Hybrid 0.9% APR* for 60 mo. + $1,000 reward card*


2014 Subaru Outback 0% APR* for up to 63 mo.*


2014 Toyota Prius 0% APR up to 60 mo. or a $1,500 Factory Rebate*


2015 Audi A3 $289 mo. for 36 mo. $2,194 due at signing*


2014 Lexus CT 200h $299 mo. for 24 mo. lease $999 due at signing*



2014 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid $948 mo. for 48 mo. $5998 due at signing*


*See Stores for Details

Now Introducing Allstate

We are excited to announce our partnership with Sully Insurance Center, a new Allstate branch based in Santa Monica.  Sully Insurance Center is committed to providing excellent service with competitive rates and we are happy to recommend them to you.  Look for the link on our website soon.

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