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Warmest Greetings!

This is our very warm welcome to — and reminder of — our upcoming Annual Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict Thursday and Friday, December 5 – 6, 2019, Columbia University, Teachers College, Everett Lounge (525 West 120th Street, subway 1, exit 116th Street).
This workshop is an enduring tribute to the late Morton Deutsch, who has been the honorary convener of this workshop series since he convened the first one in 2003. It continues as a living appreciation and recognition of the path-breaking global efforts of the Morton Deutsch-International Center on Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR).
Our Workshop Theme:
Can We Teach Dignity?
Becoming Lifelong Apprentices of Dignity from Childhood throughout All Ages

Inspired by the efforts of so many members of our community, this workshop is a special opportunity to explore how we can best deepen, grow, and practice the global message of dignity. We will build on Lyndon Harris's concept of "becoming better ancestors" by devoting attention to how all of us can develop apprenticeships in dignity that strengthen the lives of children, young people, and all generations.
Whoever wishes to participate in this workshop, please see the information below and kindly send us a message at: . This workshop also includes a Public Event that is open to everyone!
Can We Teach Dignity?
Lessons From Our Friends in the Amazon

December 5, 2019
5:00 – 7:00 PM
Columbia University, Teachers College, Everett Lounge

This event is free and open to the public (please see poster below). Thank you for inviting your friends on social media to this event.
Our Program and Appreciative Introductions
Registration begins at 9:00 AM;   the Workshop itself begins at 10:00 AM; the Careholder Team meets at 8:00 AM.

We would be grateful if you would kindly complete your  Appreciative Introduction  form and bring it with you. If you wish it to be uploaded on the workshop webpage, thank you for sending it to us as an attachment.
You will find all of the latest details about the workshop — updated regularly — on our workshop webpage . Thank you for kindly letting us know if we are missing any information.

Whether you join us as a creative contributor, a supporter, an active listener, a moderator, a dialogue facilitator, or in some other collaborative capacity, we want to emphasize that everyone in the workshop plays an important role in creating a climate of connection and mutual learning on the path to dignity!

Please kindly be reminded:

  • On the day of the workshop, remember to bring a copy of your workshop invitation or a copy of the workshop program to show the security staff at the entrance of Teachers College, with your picture ID.

  • Please remember that the security staff will need to know that you are heading for the dignity workshop in Everett Lounge and please give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time.

  • There will be coffee and water available each day. Thank you for bringing your own cups or water bottles to use and reuse throughout the workshop. Thank you!
Our Dignilogue Approach

Our conferences and workshops are designed to widen the space for collaboration, conversation, and mutually energizing connection. We strive to move beyond the conventional lecture/presentation format to meet in a spirit of sharing in humility and equal dignity.

In addition to our Preplanned  Dignilogue Sessions ( Dignity + Dialogue = Dignilogue ), our afternoons will be action-oriented and organized around  Co-Created Dignilogue Groups . These groups will focus on topics of interest proposed by YOU. They will also be an opportunity to deepen a discussion on a topic proposed earlier in the day.

The special focus of our Co-Created Session on Friday will be "Courage in Connection, " specifically, how we can strengthen and regenerate our energy throughout the year while we work for dignity in the world.

Rather than planning a "presentation," we encourage you to come as you are and enjoy the mutual learning experience of engaging in — or even facilitating — authentic, creative conversations that lead to new ideas and new opportunities for action. 

The grand finale of each afternoon will be inviting two representatives from each Co-Created Dignilogue Group to engage in a brief dialogue that will be recorded on video and titled "Our Message to the World."

We invite each Co-Created Dignilogue Group to think of a message they believe the world must hear. These videos will be treasured contributions to our World Dignity University initiative, inspiring future generations of our community.
We Warmly Welcome All
Careholders and Dignigardeners
Please join us in recognizing and thanking our team of Careholders and Dignigardeners who make this program possible!
If you would like to contribute to the workshop as part of our Careholder Team, we very warmly welcome your interest and support!

Please send us an email to let us know you would like to help:

Careholders  oversee crucial components of the workshop, including welcoming and registration; meeting/greeting, videography/photography, music/movement, moderating/facilitating, and timekeeping. Their efforts nurture the unique relational climate that encourages rich, empathic, and energized engagement. 

Our Careholder Team will gather to prepare the meeting room at 8:00 AM (Everett Lounge, Thursday, December 6th).

Dignigardeners  play an important role encouraging, supporting, and acknowledging dignifying dialogue throughout the workshop. They are especially helpful in facilitating the dialogue when differences arise and present opportunities for new understanding and mutual growth. We are delighted to welcome skillful friends to support everyone in their efforts to create the relational space that is needed to generate thoughtful connection and constructive collaboration.
Moments of Music, Movement, and Dance
We love to "keep art close to our hearts" throughout our workshop. In particular, we welcome returning friends who wish to share their creative talents as a way to bring us together after breaks and between activities.

If you would like to share your talent in a "moment of music, movement, or dance," please email us . We would be deeply grateful for your creative contribution!
Registration, Abstracts, Papers, and
Co-Created Dignilogue Topics
Many of you have already registered for our workshop, and your name is already listed on the  webpage . We welcome you most warmly!

  • You may wish to check whether your biographical sketch is on our webpage, and, if yes, is it up to date?

  • If you have an abstract, a paper, or a Co-Created Dignilogue topic you wish to share (or you develop a new paper that emerges from the inspiration that our workshop experience brought to you), you are warmly invited to send it to us so we can include it on our HumanDHS website.

  • We encourage everyone to help us minimize the use of technology, paper, and handouts. If you wish to use Powerpoint or another form of computer technology, thank you for sending it to us in advance and bringing a copy on a Flashdrive.

  • For those of you who would still like to join us and have not yet registered, please kindly send a message to: We would be delighted to hear from you by November 15, 2019, or sooner.

Again, we are very much looking forward to seeing you at the workshop! Thank you for joining us to explore how we can teach the dignity all if us need to see in the world !
With our deepest admiration and appreciation,
Evelin Lindner, M.D., Ph.D.s, Founding President
Linda Hartling, Ph.D, Director
and the HumanDHS Dignicommunity

P.S. We encourage you to print and retain this reminder to help you with your travel plans.

A Special Note:  We want to thank all of you for protecting your health prior to and throughout the workshop. Since we meet during flu and cold season, we feel a special responsibility to encourage everyone to be proactive in their efforts to protect their own health as well as protect the health of all who join us for this workshop. Our deepest gratitude for your kind care.
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
A world without humiliation dignifies us all!