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Giving Circles, Donor Networks, And Democratizing Philanthropy
September 15, 1:00 PM Eastern
Giving circles are an amazing way to democratize philanthropy!

As the Giving Circle Movement grows, there’s a unique role that philanthropy consultants, researchers, and communities can play in amplifying the visibility of giving circles, helping groups clarify their strategies, and honoring traditions of giving.
Join us to hear from leaders in the giving circle community, including consultants, network directors, and researchers to engage in lively discussion about the influence that giving circles are having in reshaping how we think about philanthropy.

*NEW* Shifting to Trust-based Philanthropy: A Study in Change Management
October 6, 12:00 - 1:30 PM Eastern
Trust-based philanthropy has emerged as a one way to re-imagine the structure and culture of philanthropic institutions. While much of the focus has been on grant-making practices – which do operationalize values for equity in many of the ways non-profit leaders have articulated – the core of the work is creating the cultural and systemic conditions that underlie practice.

In this dialogue session, we’ll explore why trust-based philanthropy is trending, the fundamental values and principles that undergird this approach, and the ways that well-intentioned efforts can fall short. In the context of multiple large system change efforts, we will examine the obstacles and potential solutions from concrete (and confidential) examples. This workshop is designed especially for consultants whose clients are actively supporting trust and equity based change in philanthropic institutions - we will draw from our collective experiences & learn together.

This workshop is designed especially for consultants whose clients are actively supporting trust and equity based change. Facilitated by Pia Infante, Co-Executive Director, The Whitman Institute.

Effective Practices To Expand Native Representation In Philanthropy
November 10, 1:00 PM Eastern
Study after study confirms that philanthropy remains predominantly white. The Council on Foundations (COF) reports that over 75 percent of US foundation staff are white. According to the D5 Coalition, 92 percent of foundation CEOs, 84 percent of executive staff, and 87 percent of foundation boards are white.

Today, fewer than 35 Native people control giving portfolios or serve in key leadership roles at private foundations — nationwide. According to the COF report, as of 2015, “Individuals with American Indian or Alaskan Native heritage constituted .09 percent of administrative positions, .06 percent of executive positions, and .30 percent of professional positions.” Consequently, Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities continue to be minimized in foundation giving portfolios and invisible within the hiring and board compositions of U.S. foundations. In fact, only 4/10 of one percent of funding invested by private foundations goes to Native causes. Further, about half of those funds are invested in institutions that are not Native-controlled, such as universities and museums.

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Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy
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