Computers play a significant role in current school and personal life. But as with all things, balance is key. Our goal is to educate students in the proper use of computers so they can maximize the benefits without suffering any consequences.

Introducing the Innovation Lab, formerly known as the Computer Room. Here all students in K-8 will meet under the guidance of Mrs. Quinn to learn key computer skills and, over time, become proficient in important programs such as Power Point, Excel and Word. The first semester will be dedicated to brushing up on important computer skills which are an integral foundation to many applications. In the second semester Mrs. Quinn will begin implementing innovation activities that enhance students' computer IQ and prepare them for a myriad of school and eventual career opportunities.

Mrs. Quinn is also the Director of In House Technology which makes her an important resource for St. Rose School Faculty and students. 

This is an exciting addition to the St. Rose School curriculum that will impact students and faculty in positive ways. Stay tuned for updates from the Innovation Lab.


The newly paved parking lot is beautiful and...safe! Sidewalks and illumination are wonderful additions that have led to new protocols for bus and car walk arrival/departure procedures. We appreciate your cooperation which guarantees safety and efficiency for all involved. Click here for details.