Our Wish List for Indiana's Environment for 2017

With Christmas and Hanukkah coming up, we do hope that a donation to your homegrown, statewide environmental advocate -- the Hoosier Environmental Council -- is on a wish list for you or a loved one!

Here's our wish list for the legislators of the 2017 Indiana General Assembly, who will begin their legislative session on January 3rd and 4th:

1. Better Safeguard our Air & Water: Secure higher levels of funding for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, which works to ensure that chemicals don't contaminate your air, soil, and water.

2. Foster Eco-Friendly Infrastructure: Step up investment in Indiana's bus systems, Hoosier State Rail line, and lead-free water infrastructure.

3. Strengthen our Wilderness Areas and Greenways System: Achieve sustainable, new sources of funding to enhance the quality and quantity of our natural areas, protect old forest areas that are free from logging in our state forests, and expand Indiana's system of greenways and trails.

4. Defend Indiana's Solar Incentives: Ensure that Indiana continues to be a state that allows its citizens to affordably and easily generate their own carbon-free, pollution-free, solar energy.

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5. Promote Sustainable Food Systems: Accelerate the ability for Indiana state government to encourage the opening of stores serving fresh, local, and organic fruits and vegetables for Hoosiers in Indiana's food deserts.

Help our wishes for Indiana's environment come true by supporting our ability to organize, advocate, and stand up for you !   Know that your donation will be matched one-to-one!

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Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other holiday tradition, all of us on the HEC Team wish you a wonderful holiday season!

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Jesse Kharbanda
Executive Director
Hoosier Environmental Council 

P.S. The opportunity to double the impact of your support concludes on December 31st!
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