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March 7, 2022

Weekly Highlights

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Celebrate Women's History

Women's History is happening here in the Upper Valley. We're all participants.

Delve into our featured playlist of locally-produced, women-centered content on

CATV's YouTube Channel.

We Stand with Ukraine Vigil

Local solidarity with Ukraine

The “We Stand with Ukraine” vigil took place on the Dartmouth Green March 4 and was organized by the Dartmouth Ukrainian Student Association and the Hanover Friends Meeting. Hear several local community members from Ukraine and Georgia express their reasons for protesting .

Produced and edited by Jordyn Fitch, CATV Community Engagement Producer

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"The sudden jolt of creative thought..."

For Ellsworth Kelly, the artist who gave art students visual inspiration and motivation on the back of Dartmouth's Spaulding Auditorium, "Color was the essence of joy in art," shares John Stomberg of the Hood Museum of Art in The Curated Campus: Art & the Environment, a virtual tour of public art on campus, why it's there, and how it connects with its locale. This "Virtual Gallery Talk" kicks off a special series shared by the Hood on CATV Upper Valley (Cable Comcast 1075/ VTel 1169) & streaming at

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Hanover High Hockey

Catch the excitement on Feb. 16, 2022 (back when the Bears were Marauders) as Hanover High Hockey faced off against rival Salem!

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Demystifying the Heart

Anthony Knox of Visiting Nurse and Hospice for VT and NH hosts cardiovascular specialist Dr. Lauren Gilstrap of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for Let's Talk: Demystifying Heart Health Issues.

Tuck's Rock Dojo: A Rockumentary

Directed by Anna King

This week we point to the YouTube channel of Upper Valley young filmmakers and siblings Anna King and Ben King, alumni of CATV's 48-Hour Film Slam and Freedom & Unity Young Filmmakers Contest, who founded A&B Studios in 2013.

Tuck's Rock Dojo - Freedom & Unity
Freedom & Unity Young Filmmakers Contest 2022 is now open for submissions

Filmmakers under age 18 from NH & VT are encouraged to submit original films inspired by life in the Green Mountain and Granite States for the opportunity to network with other young filmmakers and mentors, screen on Vermont PBS, and win prizes. Find out more at

Hosted by WRIF (White River Indie Films) and CATV. Made possible through the support of Ledyard Bank and the Stettenheim Foundation.

Community Podcasts on CATV

Having a book crisis?


Community producer Lisa Christie has joined forces with Emma Nichols and Sam Kaas of the Norwich Bookstore, Allie Levy of Still North Books & Bar (Hanover), and Kari Meutsch and Kristian Preylowski of Yankee Bookshop (Woodstock) to create Shelf Help, a podcast where booksellers help you answer one of life's trickier questions: What should you read next? The team recorded their inaugural episode at the Briggs Opera House this week (now in editing). Keep an ear out for it to drop soon!

Intersections: Episode 3 – now online

Our 3rd guest remembers days of open fields and outdoor games as a foundation for building community, and invites us all to reflect on how inclusion happens when contact is mitigated through a computer screen and wifi access?

Intersections is a podcast for sharing our experience of community in the Upper Valley. To share your story or questions with co-creators Michelle and Julius, you’re invited to email them at:

Edited by David Eric for CATV

Got an idea for a podcast or audiobook? CATV is here to support your production!

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Upper Valley Religious Services on CATV 

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