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2019: The Trends
The largest grocery store chain in the US, the Kroger Companies, has compiled their list of what our food trends will be in 2019.

Kroger named eating styles as a trend, citing the various diets and lifestyles consumers are adopting in pursuit of improved health and wellness. The article recognizes that we are pursuing more gut-healthy foods and plant-based foods. As always, Juice Plus+ fits perfectly in these categories and has been leading the charge for over 25 years!
Should We Implement This in the States?
This well-researched article, "Removing sweets from checkouts could  help tackle obesity" published in  The Guardian (U.K. newspaper) provides excellent reasons to remove sweets from grocery store checkout lines.

Under pressure to act because of rising childhood obesity, some supermarkets have moved snacks away from the till, where people queuing - often with children - are tempted to put them in the shopping basket as they wait their turn.
What, More Green Trees?

Not trees! Lovely, lush green Tower Gardens.

Published in the Boston Pilot -  Karen Shea's classroom in St. John School in the North End is furnished with tables, stools, and seven vertical garden towers each containing 20 plants. Ceiling fans simulate wind. The towers' lights and pumps are set on timers. The warmth from the lights and the sound of flowing water create a calm, soothing environment, a welcome reprieve for Shea's students when the weather turns cold.

Shea is the creator of GrowingUp, an urban farming initiative at St. John School. Two days each week, Shea uses the aeroponic garden to teach students about mindfulness, nutrition, food production, and community service as well as traditional academic subjects.
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