2021 was a year of immense growth for CARPLS. Our dedicated team helped people weather the storm during the pandemic and know how to move forward.

They bring their diverse perspectives and education to break down barriers to access to justice.
Dolores‘ name might sound familiar because she was a staff attorney at CARPLS in the late 90s!

Dolores has had her own successful practice in Evanston since then, focused mainly on criminal law for the past 25 years.
Why did you choose to first work at CARPLS and why did you return?

Prior to working at CARPLS, my first job as an attorney was working at a three attorney firm where the majority of our clients were Spanish speaking. This first position, as an attorney, taught me to work under a lot of pressure. I had to learn fast, and it was very stressful, but the clients made it worthwhile.
I left the firm thinking that I wanted to work on my own and create my own holistic type of practice. By holistic I mean, to not only be able to take care of their legal cases but also be a source for other needs or questions my clients may have besides their pending legal case.

I always had it in the back of my mind that if I ever closed my practice, the only place I would consider working at was CARPLS. I always remembered CARPLS as a place where you can have the most direct contact with clients and where you can have the most positive impact for clients with their immediate legal needs.
Did You Know?
Each year we have a total services goal, and last year it was 72,000 consultations. Our amazing staff and volunteers of CARPLS did 81,471 consultations, exceeding our goal by 13%!

"This is the new record high for total consultations done in a year at CARPLS. It represents a big milestone for CARPLS, and it is a direct reflection of all the hard work our staff and volunteers have done together this year."

-Patricia Wrona, CARPLS Legal Director
CARPLS increased from 8,600-19,000 hotline calls each month between 2018 and 2022!
We partner with 90 legal aid and social service organizations.
95% of our clients would recommend us to a friend.
We assist in 1/4 of legal aid cases in Cook County.
CARPLS at the Race Judicata
CARPLS was honored to have a team at this year's Race Judicata on June 30!

The race benefits Chicago Volunteer Legal Services Foundation in their mission to ensure that the law works for everyone.
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