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Our popular Farmer Goes to Market newsletter continues to be the source of factual, objective reporting about today's farming and food issues in Nebraska and the nation. If you missed these top stories of 2016, take a look again. And remember also that as we approach our sixth year of publication, the entire Farmer Goes to Market archives offers an abundance of information not only for consumers searching the Internet for meaningful information, but also for you to use to help explain these important issues to your shoppers. Click here to see them all.   
The worm farmer
The worm farmer of Lincoln
Remember Jereriah Picard, the man who would be king of worms? His Big Red Worms, a Lincoln non-profit, uses discarded food waste from local school cafeterias and an intensive process known as vermiculture to create healthy soil for local farmers and gardeners, while reducing some of the load on local landfills.

Omaha_s best neighbor
The definition of 'good neighbor' 
Nothing like a good Nebraska snowstorm will bring out the good neighbor in us all, as this wheelchair-bound Iraq-war veteran demonstrated last winter in his Omaha neighborhood.
No. 4_ Does Nebraska really suffer from food deserts_
Eight reasons food deserts may be a mirage
When two  related legislative actions last session attemped to get their hands around the issue of "food deserts" in Nebraska, Farmer Goes to Market did a little digging to identify these eight reasons why these pockets of poor food availability may not be all they're cracked up to be.
Is whole milk making a comeback_
The whole-milk comeback?
Riding the wave of several new studies suggesting the government made a mistake in recommending only low- and no-fat milks, could whole milk be set to make a big comeback?
No. 2_ Why cruelty videos sell
Why public manipulation via shock video works 
The animal-rights group Mercy for Animals cued up yet another "undercover" farm video last summer, this one aimed at one of the nation's large egg distributors. Meanwhile, retailer after retailer gave in to the group's strident demands. Farmer Goes to Market examined why this new cinema of the sadistic has become so effective in manipulating the food chain and, more importantly, why the grocery retailer has a real stake in standing up to it.
No. 1_ Do farmers really get paid to NOT grow crops_
Do farmers really get paid not to grow crops?
Of all the topics our popular "Why Do Farmers Do That?" series took on this year, none garnered more attention than this examination of the perpetual question: Why do farmers get paid to leave their ground empty?   
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