Our Children are in a War Zone

Yesterday morning, PEACE spokesperson Yuripzy Morgan joined Tom Rodgers on WBFF Fox 45 to discuss Mayor Brandon Scott’s Safe Passage Initiative. Watch the clip HERE. The program is designed to help kids get to and from school safely, and takes effect during the last two weeks of school. You can read the Mayor’s statement HERE.

How many of us have kissed our children and sent them to school with the expectation that we will see them again later that day? Every child deserves safe passage to school. It seems like City government is finally ready to make that happen.

But how did it get this bad? What can City officials and politicians do to make sure that Baltimore kids are not walking through war zones just to get to school?

Baltimore received $641 million in additional money from the American Rescue Plan that can be used almost at the Mayor’s discretion. The City Council is meeting this week to set the budget for the next fiscal year. You can contact your councilman HERE.

We need to make sure that your taxpayer dollars are being spent in the best way possible, and that means demanding accountability and transparency.

We all know that Baltimore has endless potential, and we cannot allow politicians and bureaucrats to waste that potential with backroom deals and wasted dollars.

The power to hold government accountable is in the hands of Baltimore residents, and PEACE is determined to remind everyone of that.

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PEACE was created to keep government and elected officials accountable, and help you stay engaged. The residents of Baltimore spoke loud and clear last November when more than 70% voted for Question K and term limits. You have the power to make huge changes. Let’s keep that momentum going!

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