A few weeks ago we asked our Case Managers to share how their clients were during, given the additional barriers and stress brought on by Covid-19. We are so proud of the great work our Case Managers have done in ensuring clients continue to move forward, and of the accomplishments our clients have made, despite Covid-19. Below are some short examples of what they shared:

“I had my first advocacy meeting with AT who came to the shelter last week. During our session she expressed that she was in other shelters before but that she has never been treated like we treat clients and that we are really nice people!

“Last week, an aftercare client that was considered a high lethality case reached out to us to say thank you. This particular client had been discharged from the program a few months ago and entered the Resiliency Program at DASH and has been doing well since transitioning into her new home. It’s really wonderful to hear from clients that have successfully moved on and are updating the team of their ongoing success. It definitely makes the work that we do worth it!”

Last week I had two clients successfully transition to Rapid Rehousing*. One leased up in place (in the apartment that was previously fully funded by MSP) and another to a new home. In exchange, I’ve had two more clients enter the RISE program (MSP Transitional Housing Program). I assisted one with her move-in this past weekend. I’m working on transitioning a few more of my families to RRH* as well.”

*Rapid Rehousing (RRH) is a program where the tenant/client pays an increasing share of the rent while city/program subsidies for rent support decrease.

“One of my clients recently shared that she was struggling with substance abuse and shared plans to go into treatment. The client telephoned me last week. She provided an update on successfully following through with the treatment plan. What I consider to be the successful part of the story is that the client recognized she had a problem beyond her control. She did not wait until her situation spiraled totally out of control. I commended her for no longer suffering in silence. She is utilizing the resources that we provided. She is learning about the disease of addiction, developing and identifying coping mechanisms to help her maintain sobriety.”

“A few weeks ago my client stated that she needed help on the math section of her GED test. I looked up YouTube videos and learned a bit to help her some. She let me know last week that she passed her test. She was very proud of herself and very thankful for the extra resources that I sent her.”

“I am working with a client that was formerly in the RISE Program and doing well for herself. She started her own business and was on track to self-sufficiency, but recently fell upon hard times. Her equipment for her business was stolen, she experienced multiple instances of extreme violence at her complex, including being held up at gunpoint, and lost a loved one over the holiday. She has been scraping by and living in a hotel. She was looking to transfer within her complex to something safer for her family but was struggling with the stress of landlord engagement. We stepped in and began working with the landlord on her behalf. In the last week we have arranged for her to view other units and hope to move her into a new unit supported by RISE so that she may begin her journey again.”

“On Friday a client who had a couple of particularly rough months let me know that she was going to therapy regularly and it is going well. She just finished the first certificate in a 2 certificate program that I helped her identify and get into, that will lead to guaranteed employment at completion. MSP’s Fresh Start Fund also helped her pay to get recertified as an EMT and she’s been working hard on that. She’ll be finished with the course work for that on March 10th!”

RISE and the Fresh Start Fund
have been invaluable during Covid-19
RISE (Reaching Independence through Survivor Empowerment) helps families fleeing from domestic violence move from crisis and homelessness to safety and stability. In this one year program, staff provide case management and resources on financial responsibility, life planning and other supportive services. During the year of participation, rental payments are paid by MSP and our staff provide ongoing support and referrals, as clients pursue goals to become self-sufficient. The goal is to provide a foundation to allow RISE families to be able to have the option to remain in the homes they have built for themselves after exiting the program, promoting long-term stability and freedom from abuse.

Survivors are often forced to flee with only what they can carry. This means that when they make their move from shelter to transitional or permanent housing, they are often in need of items such as a sofa or couch, bed(s), household items, and small appliances, and other basic household items. MSP's Fresh Start Fund helps clients with needed furniture, with moving expenses, it also helps to cover unplanned or unexpected costs such as car repairs or a large utility bill.  Fresh Start provides stability and financial security for survivors at every stage of the transitional-to-permanent housing process, so they can meet their initial moving expenses and start off strong, create homes that are comfortable and meet their families’ needs, and weather the unexpected without fear of losing it all. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful way to support survivors and their families, donate to My Sister’s Place’s Fresh Start Fund today.
Help MSP Prepare a Home for a Domestic Violence Survivor and Her Children
Please join us as we furnish and decorate new homes for survivors of domestic violence. Our families are excited to be able to be in their own homes, free from violence, but need a little support to furnish it and make it feel like home.

Please sign-up here if you would like to donate items or to help build and move furniture into a clients new home. Once you're all signed-up, you will receive a confirmation email immediately and then a more detailed email with more information regarding the move, closer to the move date. If you would like to help build and move, this means that you must be willing to assist with the lifting, carrying, loading and then moving items into the survivors' home. If you would like to donate items to our clients, you will need to make arrangements for drop-off or pick-up of the items.

You may contact Angela Cavanaugh, our Development and Volunteer Manager, if you have any questions - (202) 540-1049 or email us at volunteer@mysistersplacedc.org.

We appreciate you bringing your donations and staying to help for as long as you can during move-ins. With your support and community leadership, we can continue our mission and provide our survivors with a safe environment where they can make a fresh beginning!

Thank you!
You can assist families who suffered domestic violence but are now in a position to rebuild their lives by donating a gift card to help support, stabilize, and empower survivors as they create safe homes for themselves and their families. Please email acavanaugh@mysistersplacedc.org for more information.
Help to grow MSP in many ways!
  • Make a one-time or recurring donation to support our mission, including the Fresh Start Fund to provide safe housing for survivors of domestic abuse.

  • Provide basic necessities such as diapers, wipes, blankets, and feminine products via our Amazon Wish List.

  • Volunteer with us! We have many flexible volunteer opportunities allowing you or your group to support survivors during the holiday season, and throughout the year.