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October 26, 2016
Digital museum Red Hook WaterStories is live!

PortSide has been busy on the digital front! 

We have launched our digital museum, so everyone has another great reason for visiting Red Hook, discovering its past and present and thinking about its future. It's all in Red Hook WaterStories 1.0!

As we think about the upcoming 4th anniversary of superstorm Sandy this weekend, note that this website is also packed with information about resiliency and preparing for floods, including the working model of a flood evacuation app for vehicles we helped create. 

More below!
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Red Hook WaterStories -- Our Digital Museum
a major addition to NYC's cultural offerings 
Erie Basin, Red Hook c.1900, "Boating at Sunset," 
by Jenny Young Chandler, Courtesy of the Henry Ford Museum

This digital museum covers 400+ years of Red Hook waterfront history - NYC's maritime story in microcosm - revealing forgotten and overlooked stories from an evocative neighborhood.  There is nothing like this in NYC!

We bring the story up to today with info on current maritime businesses in Red Hook and our interactive map that combines a NOAA mariners' chart and a street map and shows real-time data on commercial vessels, thanks to a partnership with Marine Traffic. Content includes:
  • Extensive historical research with articles, maps and illustrations; original sources plus essays and oral histories created by our team;
  • All Red Hook retail, arts, non-profits, schools, recreation, etc.;
  • Resiliency and flood prep info;
  • Transit info (Citibike docks, bus stops) updated in real time;
  • Art and literature inspired by our waterfront;
  • Our flagship MARY A. WHALEN, due to her long Red Hook pedigree.
Red Hook WaterStories is a major addition to NYC's heritage offerings. 

Please support the growth of this project and our other work and donate now.

4 years after Sandy, our resiliency work continues
Preparing for a flood, our vehicle evacuation app & more
Red Hook WaterStories offers an extensive   Resiliency section with an overview of Red Hook resiliency plans, maps about sewers, buried streams, Sandy flooding and more.  Note the flood preparation info for  residents and businesses.

We helped create a working model of a new vehicle flood evacuation app!   Current evacuation plans focus on people, but where are vehicles supposed to go in a city where parking spaces can be hard to find?  This app was created by hackers working with PortSide at the 2016 Red Hook Hackathon hosted by Pioneer Works.

Soon after Sandy, PortSide developed concepts for vehicle evacuation, of which this app is a part.   PortSide will bring this app and the thinking behind it to the City to seek the creation of a flood evacuation plan for vehicles.  We have established partnerships with other organizations to further this work.

Portify as we fortify, maritime & resiliency, MARAD & FEMA

Maritime activity is key to urban resilience, and a recent blogpost of ours says that Sandy risks drowning the lessons learned from 9/11 and the goals of NYC's comprehensive waterfront plan Vision 2020. The latter advocated (as we do) for greater use of the waterways, but post-Sandy resiliency planning has a strong focus on creating walls against the sea. 

There is "a conflict between walls and apertures" where ports are apertures and most resiliency plans are about sea walls, as our President Carolina Salguero stressed during her presentation at AIANY during their Global Dialogues series.

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PortSide NewYork is a living lab for better urban waterways. 
PortSide brings WaterStories to life. 

Our WaterStories programs, services and advocacy show how to combine the working waterfront, public access and community development. 

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for the benefit of all.
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