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November 26, 2014
Dog and cat birth control
Did you know that Parsemus Foundation, the organization heading Vasalgel research, also has a project developing a nonsurgical sterilization method for cats and dogs? You may see it in the news in the coming weeks. It's not the same as Vasalgel (it affects hormones, which you DON'T want a human contraceptive to do), but it's quite exciting and could be the first game-changing innovation for spay/neuter and rescue groups in decades. It is called Calchlorin and is a one-time injection of calcium chloride dihydrate and alcohol solution. We've been working on it for 5 years and think it's ready for prime time. If you see it in the news and love cats or dogs, please spread the word! More info: BioMed Central coverage of recent publication and Parsemus Foundation website.

What about Vasalgel for dogs?
Speaking of spay/neuter, could Vasalgel be used for dogs? Some owners of giant-breed dogs are looking for a way to sterilize their dog without changing hormones (it turns out that in large-breed dogs especially, there are some health implications of changing hormones -- so something like Vasalgel, which doesn't affect hormones, could come in really handy). The Vasalgel team has definitely gotten inquiries, and it'd be nice to be able to give everyone more options. But first things first: right now we have to stay focused on getting Vasalgel ready for humans!
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