MAY 2020 | Issue #100
Happy Birthday Charles!
National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
May 24 th marks the 152 nd birthday of Charles Edward Taylor, builder of the first aircraft engine used by the Wright Brothers. 

His skills and expertise as an inventor and machinist paved the way for aircraft maintenance as we know it today. 
Known as National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, this day is in commemoration of both Mr. Taylor’s birthday and his many contributions to our industry.

So if you happen to see your favorite aviation tech today, or any day for that matter, wish him or her a fabulous day. To be sure they will genuinely appreciate the gesture.

And you'll appreciate the special we're offering to celebrate. Read on to see.
This is our 100th (or so) n ewsletter
What was then called 'Under the Cowl', May 2012 ushered in our first newsletter.

This is about the 100th edition. Yeah, we may have miscounted a few along the way, but we're close enough for horseshoes.

While we might not have won many style points back then, we did our best to provide important, quality content. Take a look at Issue #1
Thanks for being a dedicated reader. 

Please feel free to email our Marketing Guy with any feedback, positive or negative, (It’s okay, he has thick skin.) You may even find your suggestion in an upcoming issue.
It's Memorial Day Weekend
In the spirit of the holiday, let's be sure to take a moment to remember why we celebrate and give thanks to all our service members that gave all.

Have a safe weekend.
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A SMARA National Aviation Tech Day Special
Garmin GTN 650xi Special Pricing
Get the panel upgrade you've always wanted with a new Garmin GTN 650xi.

Only $10,429 for a limited time*
(List Price $12,495.00)
With more pixels, more processing power, more speed and performance, the Garmin GTN 650Xi system brings exciting new capabilities to the industry’s premier GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD platform.
GTN 650xi features:
  • Brighter, Faster, and Sharper Touchscreen
  • Fine tune your view with smartphone-like pinch and swipe gestures
  • Quickly enter direct course for any selected way-point
  • Fly approaches, glide-paths, holding patterns and more.
  • Station confirmation automatically looks up station identifiers with ATC frequencies. So you'll know you're making the right call.
  • Add ADS-B traffic, weather and more.
  • Plus, wirelessly connect to your electronic flight bag
* GTN 650xi special price of $10,429 is only available for a limited time through Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics and represents a savings of $2,066 off Garmin's advertised list price of $12,495.00. To receive this special limited time offer, book your installation with Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics by May 29th for installation before August 30th, 2020. Installation cost is not included. Please contact Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics for an installation quotation based on your aircraft configuration. Deposit equal to the cost of equipment is required at time of booking.
Coming in to see us?
Great! Let's do it safely. Here's some info on what we are doing to protect you, your plane, and our team during the COVID19 situation.
Please observe our signs
While in either our maintenance or avionics hangar, please observe and abide by our safety markers.

This initiative is to protect you against the natural obstructions of our shop environment, and they also allow us to protect each other by maintaining a safe working distance.  
Key Drop
Use our Key Drop
Have a scheduled service appointment? Feel free to use our Key Drop Box located between our Maintenance and Avionics hangars.

Be sure to attach your contact details and N# for identification purposes.
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Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics 
48 Sky Manor Road
Pittstown, New Jersey 08867

Located at N40, Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics specializes in providing the GA community with quality and professional services at reasonable rates. We have two IA's and 3 A&P's on staff for routine maintenance, repairs, and avionics certifications and installations. CRS #5S4R079C
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