Welcoming a California nonprofit, a Michigan physician, an Illinois master gardener, and our Montana farm partners
Our Direct Public Offering is open with an accessible minimum of just over $10,000. It was recently approved in California, Washington, and Texas and is available in 42 states total. We're spotlighting our first non-accredited investor in California and sharing what resonated with other non-accredited investors when it came to investing with us.
"We want to mobilize the public to invest directly in small farmers that are building a healthier agricultural system. The DPO is about investors of all kinds coming together to support a healthy farm economy from soils, to food, to farmers.”

David Miller, CEO & Co-Founder
To learn more about investing in this offering, please visit our DPO webpage or reach out to our investment department at
Sierra Harvest is a good-food advocacy nonprofit in Nevada City, California working to build a thriving local food economy that prioritizes access, equity, and connection. An example of this work is through their farm-to-school program, which builds partnerships between local farmers and public schools to bring children fresh food in their school lunches. They also support local farmers and gardeners with education and training. They chose to invest with us to expand their support for farmers and form deeper connections with mission-aligned organizations. This investment is a great reminder that smaller foundations and non-profits who were previously unable to invest can now do so as non-accredited investors.
Dr. Sajad Zalzala is a physician in Detroit, MI, who was introduced to regenerative agriculture through Allan Savory's famous Ted Talk, "How to fight desertification and reverse climate change" . This started Dr. Zalzala on a path to investigate ways to invest in regenerative agriculture, which he believes complements his work as a healthcare practitioner. Dr. Zalzala practices holistic medicine and sees firsthand how current agricultural policy incentivizes unhealthy food production that causes health problems he sees in the medical field. When our DPO launched, Dr. Zalzala invested because he believes that investing in Iroquois Valley is one of the most direct ways to have an impact on health and climate change.
Julia Bunn is interested in the big picture while paying attention to the details and the ways she can make an impact. Personally. She is an eco-functional designer and owner of The Spirited Gardener, Inc. in Evanston, Illinois. The company assists and educates homeowners to create landscapes that provide homes for pollinators, produce food, mimic native habitats, and address the civic responsibility of managing the rainwater of client properties. Julia loves the natural world. She believes that we can all do more through our individual practices and the ways we steward our own little pieces of this incredible world. Julia is excited about our DPO and its availability to non-accredited investors because it allows her to align her investments with her beliefs.
Doug & Anna Jones-Crabtree are Iroquois Valley farmers at Vilicus Farms in Montana, where we partner on leases of more than 2,000 acres. Their operation prioritizes land stewardship through diverse and resilient crop systems, creating space for pollinators and native habitat, bringing in the next generation of organic farmers, and using renewable energy on the farm. Anna and Doug are committed to organic agriculture not only as farmers, but also as advocates and now as investors in Iroquois Valley. They believe that all parts of our agriculture system must be reimagined to create a future that is joyful and climate safe. "As farmers who have had to work hard to make our vision of a farm a reality, we want to share resources with those who have shared with us."
Our Founders, Dave Miller and Dr. Stephen Rivard, will be doing a month-long residency at Rock Creek Farm from September 15th to October 13th. Rock Creek Farm is Iroquois Valley's closest farm to Chicago. While there, they will be promoting our public offering and developing a vision for our first demonstration farm.

Located at the Rock Creek farm is an old farmhouse that we plan to restore. For us, it is symbolic of the dead soils that our farmers work so hard to enliven. Come visit our Founders during harvest time and see for yourself the opportunities that lie ahead.

Look for more information about events at Rock Creek on social media and reach out to our Office Manager, Raya Carr, at about scheduling a visit.
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As a corporate guideline,  we do not look for specific farmland to purchase or finance. We develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, who want to grow their farm business. We move forward when we have a ready, willing and able farmer. 
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