Change The Story Vermont (CTS) is a multi-year strategy to align 
program, policy, and philanthropy to significantly improve 
women's economic status in Vermont.
2016 Status Report: 
Women, Work and Wages in Vermont

Change The Story  is excited to share our 2016 Status Report: Women, Work and Wages , the first of a series of briefs we will publish related to women's economic status in Vermont. 

Much of the data in the reports is either new, or not regularly collected or published.

All of the data is specific to Vermont, and all is critical - not just in what it reflects about women, but in its implications for the entire Vermont economy. 

Among the findings:
  • Women are significantly more likely than men to live in poverty or economic insecurity - in large part because they have primary responsibility  for the care of minor children.
  • 43% of VT women who work full-time do not make enough to cover basic living expenses as defined by VT's Joint Fiscal Office.
  • The poverty rate for families headed by single women is 37.5% - nine times the poverty rate of married couples.
  • Women who work full-time are disproportionately employed in low-wage jobs - in every age group,
    at every level of education.
  • VT women are especially vulnerable in their senior years, when their median annual income from Social Security ($10,000) is half that of men  ($20,000).

And, if you haven't checked it out yet, our website is chock full of vetted and easy to search  articles, tools, and resources related to women and gender diversity.

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