What a wonderful evening of sharing live theatre with new friends at our first ever Sensory Friendly Performance of Miracle on 34th Street. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible and special thanks to Southwest Spotlight Magazine, ebella Magazine and Neapolitan Family Magazine for helping us get the word out. 

We can't wait for our next Sensory Friendly performance of The Music Man on March 20, 2018. Click to learn more
Dear Naples Players,

Having never taken Abigail to a play, due to the fact that her focus and concern for noise has always been on our minds we really didn't know what to expect. Last night from the moment we walked in, we knew this was going to be a good experience for the entire family.

The Naples Players staff where amazing and made it very clear to everyone as they walked in, that it was a sensory friendly production. Everyone was given an information guide on what would happen, lights left on but lower, being able to move about, and being a 'no clap' performance. This then allowed me as a parent to relax and know that my daughter and our family would not be judged by anyone.

The theater had setup a 'quiet' area and have noise reducing earphones available. Despite Abigail wanting some, we decided that if we needed we would get them during the performance (we didn't need them).

Along with the above accommodations, when we went into the theater we could sit wherever we wanted and we could move around if we needed. Due to the fact that only about a 1/3 of seats were sold, it made the lot easier, knowing we would have to get up and move at some stage, again which we did, but I for once didn't have to care about how many times we got up and moved, as I knew we were not going to get 'tutted' at.
Abigail loved it all, got very excited to see the orchestra , and then to see 'Santa' for the 1st time on stage, and just in general watching the performance. I spent a lot of time watching her expressions of joy and we danced a lot in our seats during some of the songs.

As a family we had a great evening, my son is now looking forward to his next visit to watch Naples Players.

The show was amazing, the performance was great, and kudos to the actors and actresses, as it really must be strange for them with the house lights up and no clapping.
Thank you to Neapolitan Family Magazine for making us aware of the Sensory friendly productions, but most of all thank you to Naples Players for providing us with a 'no judge' zone, where we can go as a family and enjoy something that we feel we would not have been able to do.

By being able to attend one performance has let Abigail experience something that we would have been weary to do and hopefully will now give her the confidence and reduce her stress levels to maybe attend another performance.

We look forward to going again to the next sensory performance. We have included a photo of Abigail at a Collier County Special Olympics event.

Thanks again
Vic, Johnathan and Abigail
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