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From elite athlete to disabled business owner, Taylor has 'lived both lives'
In 2008, Ontario gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel was on track to compete in the 2012 Olympics. A fall during a dismount left her paralyzed. Taylor tells us what happened after she spent one-and-a-half years as an inpatient at Holland Bloorview. And it includes Oprah!
'I hope I can use the power of sports to connect people to things they love'
Outreach Facilitator Ahsan Musavi: 'The biggest takeaway from my life is that a kid who has a shorter and weaker leg is playing soccer and scoring goals.'
Are you a stressed-out parent? Music therapy via Zoom can help you relax
Music therapy students at Laurier are offering Zoom sessions designed to relieve anxiety to Holland Bloorview parents as part of a unique collaboration.
For Dr. Sharon Smile, virtual care lacks the human touch
Dr. Smile used to share an autism diagnosis with a family at our hospital. Now, thanks to COVID-19, that happens online, leaving her with a persistent 'feeling of inadequacy.'
Christmas came early with a gift to warm my heart
My son doesn't speak, but he'd found a way to let me know he was listening to me and he wanted to make me happy. His actions spoke louder than words.
If hospitals can get consent to raise money, they can get consent to support other moms (A nurse finds her medical skills put to the test raising her daughter, Nov. 3). Peer support is the only thing that helped [me] in the early days.
Francine Buchanan, online
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PARENT SUPPORT NETWORK: How to support friendships online.
4-5 p.m.
Holland Bloorview
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PAPERWORK PARTY: Get help from other parents to fill out those pesky funding forms.
7-8:30 p.m.
Holland Bloorview
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10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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College student teaches Black American Sign Language
Nakia Smith's video about the history of Black American Sign Language went viral. The first American School for the Deaf opened in 1817, but Black students weren't admitted until 1952, she says, so the Black community created its own dialect.
Dark Room Ballet is a free virtual dance class for blind dancers
Krishna Washburn is a blind ballet dancer in New York who offers a six-week course to blind and visually impaired dancers (no experience needed!). During the pandemic, it's been thriving over Zoom. Check out Dark Room Ballet.
'It's rare to come across a surprising new idea that explains important phenomena, but Simon Baron-Cohen's exploration of abstract pattern-seeking in human affairs is one of them.'
Stephen Pinker, author of The Language Instinct

'A gorgeous, immersive celebration of dancing and the grace within all bodies.'
Kirkus Reviews
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