Co-Chairs Message
Greetings Impact 100 Greater Peninsula members and friends:

The end of summer means school begins, and the Big Give is only weeks away. Many thanks to all the volunteers on our Grant committees. It is not easy; there are many ways to make an IMPACT in our region, but where do we begin? We continue to witness a strength within our women-led committees; a commitment to choosing the strongest Grant Finalists to put forth to Impact 100 membership-at-large. This "whittling-down" process is challenging. Thank you to the women who have invested countless hours in this pursuit!
We look forward to seeing each of you at the Big Give on September 18 . Always the highlight of the Impact 100 year, you can listen to the Finalists as they speak about the transformation they dream of bringing to reality with the award of an Impact Grant. In addition, we encourage you to cast your vote, meet other Impact 100 members, and then see which organizations are awarded our 2018 Grant Awards. 
You won't want to miss this year’s Awards Celebration. We will continue awarding two $50,000 Grants and introduce, for the first time ever, our Capacity Building Grant , two $5,000 grants. Capacity Grants seek to invest in a grassroots organization, a start-up, or a scrappy network run on volunteer power, or to enable a larger nonprofit to invest in themselves. These grants are all due to the successful partnerships with women of Impact 100 Greater Peninsula who have given generously, making our third year of Impact Success! Congratulations for reaching $125,000 from more than 200 members. We look forward to the growth for the new year!
Sidney Jordan & Tricia Russell
Impact 100 Greater Peninsula Co-Chairs 2017-19
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Save the BIG Date
 The Big Give!  September 18, 2018 @ 5:30 p.m.
2016-2017 Impact Grantees

In preparation for the BIG event, be sure you’re aware of the past grantees, the amazing organizations we have IMPACTED. Also check out the big thank you video from Transitions.
Ladies get your SWAG!
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Register on our Impact 100 App between now and the Big Give to be entered into the SWAG DRAWING. Winner will be announced at the Big Give! 

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Grant Committee Report
It's been a busy summer for our grants review committees! They have been very hard at work, meeting several times to review grants, perform site visits, and making final decisions on which applications to submit to be finalists. 

We are excited to announce that we had 23 applications for the big $50,000 grant s and 19 made it to the review committees in the areas of Health and Wellness, Art and Culture, and Education. After careful and respectful review by the committees, we anticipate announcing the finalists by the week of September 5.  There are some pretty amazing organizations serving our community, they are all worthy of support, and we look forward to being a part of that again this year! 
We'd like to recognize those who served on one of the review committees. It is a commitment, but I know it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Thank you to those who led and served. 
Health and Wellness : Cassandra Greene, Shawen Bartol, Patty Price, Rita Quinn, Shelly Braden, Ivy Losey, Traci Simons, Beth Moore, Denise Tysinger and Amerika Davis

Art and Culture : Alexis Swann, Brooke Tiller, Marti Coffield, Patti Brown, Lisa Butler, and Kerrin Henderson

Education : Brynn Beal, Joan Verhoef, Lacey Grey Hunter, Milly Wassum, Ruth Simmons, Kathy Brady, Wendy Lash, Aisha Perez, Carolyn Campbell, Erica Woods-Warrior, Kim Pruden, Melissa Burroughs, and Diana Smith
Thank you, thank you!!!
Elizabeth Foxx & Julia Bowditch
Co-Chairs Grant Review Committee

Did you catch this article in the July issue of Forbes? Rise of the Female Philanthropist

As the world looks on, see the things that the article and Impact 100 celebrate. Check it out and know that YOU are part of this movement! 
-Highest social returns
-Amplifying Impact
Members Spotlight Tracy Shackleford
How long have you been involved in Impact 100?
Since early Fall of 2015.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people who dare to dream and make big things happen in their lives, whether it be personal, professional or financial.

Why did you join Impact 100?
Because my friend Brooke Tiller called and shared the vision for Impact 100 on the Peninsula. I had already joined the Richmond Impact 100 group but felt called to help from our group. It also gave me an opportunity to work on something meaningful with some really smart women with diverse background from around the Peninsula.
Is it important that you are doing this with other women?
Yes! I work in a man’s world professionally and the vibe of the Big Give is so different from
anything else I am part of. The energy and the buzz of this event are infectious and it is powerful to sit in a room full of strong and passionate women as they watch the non-profit presentations and vote for organizations to receive $50,000 grants!

What brings you joy?
Cutting flowers from my yard and arranging them. They may not look picture-perfect, but I sure do get joy from making them.

Sidney Jordan - Co-Chair, Communications Chair
Tricia Russell - Co-Chair, Membership Chair
Tasha Rose - Co-Chair Elect, Events Co-Chair
Alexis Swann
Allison Hale - Membership Engagement
Amerika Davis - Williamsburg Little Join Chair
Beth Moore - Auditor
Brooke Tiller - Environment Grant Co-Chair
Brynn Beal - Education Co-Chair, Grant Coach
Cassandra Greene-Health & Wellness Grant Co-Chair
Chelsea Degnan - Social Media Co-Chair
Courtney Gardner - Big Learn Co-Chair
Elizabeth Foxx - Grants Co-Chair
Jennifer Wells - Peninsula Community Foundation
Joan Verhoef - Education Grant Co-Chair
Julia Bowditch - Grants Co-Chair
Linda Wei       
Liz Peterson-Rose - Social Media Co-Chair, Database
Mindy Murphy
Nancy Beach - Newsletter
Pam Henifin - Publicity Chair
Rosemary Hobart - Hampton Little Join Chair
Shawen Bartol
Shawnte London - Family Grant Co-Chair
Vivian Blake - Family Grant Co-Chair