My heart lays heavy with George Floyd’s family, those who have died at the hands of others and police, neighborhoods in unrest, and communities plagued with COVID-19. The overwhelming and heartbreaking past three months show that we have great work still to do in our communities.

Since 1992, Capital Area Housing Partnership (CAHP) has strived to create inclusivity and new opportunities in the fight for housing justice. To have a place to call home is the American dream we believe in and work towards every day.  

It is imperative that we renew our commitment to breaking down the barriers before us, and to partner with neighbors in our community to achieve just that.  To our family, and friends, I ask that you join in us in that commitment. If you are not listening – now is the time. If you are not involved – now is the time. It is on us to fix our home.

I, and the entire CAHP family, stand in solidarity with our Black and Brown neighbors. We must work together to rise up against this ongoing injustice. Homes are created by us, by our choices and by our actions.

In Solidarity,

Executive Director,
Capital Area Housing Partnership