Our last report - On the road with James Taylor and Jackson Browne & Non-Profit Tabling !

Hello Guacamoles!
This week we are wrapping up the Jackson Browne / James Taylor tour, introducing you to the non-profit organizations we’ve coordinated to have information tables at these last dates. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all of the organizations along this tour, and that you have been as inspired by them as we have. It’s been such a privilege working with them and supporting their critical work, and it’s brought us inspiration and hope. We hope it has done the same for you.
But first, we want pass on some information from our good friends at Buffalo Field Campaign. From their press release a few days ago: “Yellowstone National Park is recommending the slaughter of 900–1,100 Yellowstone Bison this winter— over 20% of the total population. The Park’s recommendation was adopted by state and federal officials on December 1st in Missoula, MT…. Every winter, Yellowstone National Park baits bison to the entrance of the Stephen’s Creek trap with fresh hay. Bison are funneled into the high walled steel bars of the park’s trap where they are injured, gored, and die in captivity. Bison that survive being trapped are shipped to slaughter houses. This inhumane management is funded by the American taxpayer…. Buffalo Field Campaign urges concerned readers to email the National Park Service, voice your concerns on Yellowstone National Park Social media (FacebookTwitterInstagram), and to Take Action with Buffalo Field Campaign to advocate for our national mammal.” -- This is an issue dear to us, and we’ve been supporting the Buffalo Field Campaign for many years. They are all of our eyes and ears on the front lines of the fight for our nation’s last wild buffalo. Please take the actions they outline above if you can.

On to our last two tour stops..

On Saturday the 11th, if you missed it, we met the Ohio Environmental Council. The OEC is the state's most comprehensive and effective environmental advocate for a healthier, more sustainable Ohio. Our experts work daily to restore, protect, and strengthen the quality of life for families and communities—from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the food we eat and natural resources we enjoy. Using legislative initiatives, legal action, scientific principles, and statewide partnerships, we secure a healthier environment for Ohio's families and communities. More info at: www.theOEC.org
And on Monday, December 13th, we join Buffalo Niagra Waterkeeper. They are informing concert-goers about their Riverwatch Program, which consists of concerned citizens trained to use the latest technology to gather important water quality data in the Niagara River Watershed. Volunteers conduct monthly monitoring of streams in their neighborhood and also provide a network of “Eyes on the Water” to report pollution or improper land uses on these waterways. Read more about this program at: https://bnwaterkeeper.org/programs/riverwatch/
And that’s it for this tour!­­­ Many thanks to all of you who have read along. Special thanks to everyone who purchased Guacamole Fund Benefit seats… we’ll be updating later on the grants we send out from the proceeds of those tickets.
Meantime, have a peaceful and safe holiday season. Take care of each other.
Tom, Paula, Jeffrey and Diane
The Guacamole Fund
Post Office Box 699
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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