Substantial GDPR fines mean the stakes are high for any company holding personal data

There has been a lot of publicity around the first substantial fines issued by the Information Commissioner's Office under GDPR. The international hotel group Marriott has been fined nearly £100 million as a result of hackers stealing the records of 339 million guests, and British Airways recently received a £183 million fine after a hack compromised the personal data of half a million of its customers.

These fines received a lot of publicity due to their size, which is a direct result of the implementation of GDPR just over a year ago. Data protection complaints have almost doubled year-on-year and t he stakes are now extremely high for any company that holds customer data, which is why eliminating sensitive payment card data from your call centre environment is more important than ever. 

DTMF masking doesn't just enable secure keypad payment by phone, it also offers a much better customer experience

The decision to switch to DTMF masking in order to take secure keypad payments by phone is often presented as something that's for the benefit of the organisation taking the payments. What's often overlooked is the fact that switching to DTMF masking also offers significant benefits to end- customers. Simon Beeching explains why.

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