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Local Business Spotlight:

This month, Town Hall would like to recognize Blythewood Feed & Hardware. Blythewood Hardware opened in July of 1976 and has been a great asset to the Town. They specialize in serving the community as a full-line feed, seed, and hardware store. "This is a third-generation local business in the community. Our biggest attribute is our service and the quality of our products. We are a huge supporter of local Blythewood events. Blythewood Feed and Hardware is very proud to use local students in our operations to give them a background in their future endeavors as well as a sense of the community that they are serving." -James Rimer, Owner of Blythewood Hardware

Photo provided by Tonya Page, Country Chronicle

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Upcoming Events/Things To Do in Blythewood

Curious to know things to do in Blythewood? Look no further!

Blythewood Farmers Market Back in Effect!

The Farmers Market will take place on every Wednesday! Please visit their website for more information.

Blythewood Juneteenth Celebration

The Juneteenth Celebration at Doko Meadows Park will take place on June 10th from 11 AM- 4 PM. For more information click here.


Independence Day Celebration

The Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 1st from 4 PM - 10 PM. Please contact 803-724-6305 for information about the event or click here

Weekending in Blythewood:

May 20: Movie in the Park at Sunset (Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom)

May 21: Freeway Music Spring Showcase at Doko Meadows Park 1 PM-6 PM

June 10: Juneteenth Celebration at Doko Meadows Park

July 1: Independence Day Celebration at Doko Meadows Park

For questions on events/advertising, Please contact Onye Cosom at Blythewood Town Hall. 803- 754 - 0501.

Thank you, Ridge View High Students!

Students at Ridge View High School volunteering at Doko Meadows Park.

Town Updates: May 15th, 2023

True or False: Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day? See answer at bottom.
Have you ever attended Movie in the Park?
Yes! We love it
No, but I think its a great asset to the Town.
No, but I will someday
Yes, a couple of times.
Not interested at all.

Answer to trivia: B. False. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. In fact, most of Mexico's citizens do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it is mainly celebrated in the Mexican state of Puebla. Mexico's Independence Day is on September 16th.

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