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Local Business Spotlight:

This month, Town Hall would like to recognize Comfort Inn managed by Vishal Sagdeo. Comfort inn first opened its doors in 1999 and has been a great asset to the Town of Blythewood. They specialize in all of your hospitality needs when traveling to Blythewood. "We are truly thankful for this community and the outstanding support that we receive." - V. Sagdeo, General Manager

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Upcoming Events/Things To Do in Blythewood

Curious to know things to do in Blythewood? Look no further!

Black History Month: Children's Saturdays

There will be an activity scheduled for children every Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm at the Blythewood Historical Society & Museum.

Doko Ribfest Cookoff in the Park

The annual Doko Ribfest will take place during the second week in March at Doko Meadows Park

Annual Blythewood Doko Rodeo

The annual Doko Rodeo will take place during the month of April.

New Construction in Blythewood

Taco Bell is open and located at 209 Blythewood Road Blythewood, South Carolina.

Franks Carwash is the other new construction located at 109 Main Street, Blythewood, South Carolina.

What famous boycott did Martin Luther King Jr. help orchestrate?
Indianapolis Bus Boycott
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Jacksonville Bus Boycott
Birmingham Bus Boycott
You voted for more restaurant selections: What kind of restaurants?
We need a bomb seafood place!
I've been waiting for a nice steakhouse..
Mom and Pop restaurants
A large chain like Texas Roadhouse or the Cheesecake factory
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