November 2015 Newsletter

Review the past and prepare for the future: what to keep or shred at year-end!

Now that we have arrived in November, you may feel that the year is winding to a close. Now is a perfect time for a moment of introspection to wrap up your year on a high note. It's also a good time for evaluating what you need to keep and what you can safely discard as you prepare to head into the new year. So what is the best way to get rid of sensitive financial documents? Why, to shred them of course! To learn more about how you can tackle this project, visit our website to read Lili's advice on this topic.
National Catalyst Conference presentation
Embracing Diversity In Parenting Agreements

Our founder and president, Lili Vasileff, spoke at the 2015 Divorce Catalyst Conference, held October 1st through 4th in New York City. Sponsored by the Association of Divorce Financial Planners and Center for Mediation and Training, the conference was designed to be a network for new ideas, where committed divorce professionals will reach a new level of insight. Pictured with Lili is a co-presenter, Errol Rodriguez. The topic of Lili’s presentation was ‘Embracing Diversity In Parenting Agreements’ and covered critical issues affecting educational, social, and medical concerns for families with special needs children. Read more at our website.
Suddenly Single
Just after a divorce, it's important to get an understanding of your “credit identity.” 

In this article for written by Anna Robaton, Lili Vasileff shares her insight in a discussion of what to do — and what not to do — when people suddenly find themselves single. Lili says: “Many times with a divorce, individuals just let the dust settle and don’t open the divorce agreement and end up missing critical deadlines. ”  To read the article, visit our website.
Advising Late in Life Divorce
Planning Through Life’s Disruptions
In her most recent article published at, Lili Vasileff explores the topic of late in life divorce. She says, “As a Baby Boomer approaching retirement, let us assume that you and your spouse have been fiscally responsible for most of your lives. But what happens when one household now unexpectedly divides itself in two with a late in life divorce?” Read more at our website.
Know the value of your treasures

If you are staring at your tchotchkes and thinking, “They are my retirement fund,” you may want to be better prepared by knowing if your treasured objects really are valuable. Collecting can be a fun hobby and worthwhile, but are you mistakenly presuming it to be a lucrative endeavor as well?  To read Lili's advice on this topic, visit our website.