The Miracle League of CT and Chapter 126 - an Oak Hill Center have entered into a collaboration agreement that will help both organizations to create new and innovative programming that furthers their common mission to serve those with physical and/or cognitive challenges. The collaboration is a direct result from our very successful KIDS Club program that was held at Chapter 126 this past fall and winter. In the spring of 2017 the 2 organizations began talks about joining forces in some way that would allow each of the groups to maintain it's own identity. As of June 1, 2017 the collaboration agreement began. The agreement allows us to work together to create new programs, to enhance ones that we already have and to serve more people. It also allowed the Miracle League of CT to take a big step in hiring it's first full time Executive Director, Mike Michaud (Coach Mike to most of you). Mike has been serving as the Executive Director and President of the Board since the Miracle League's beginning in a volunteer capacity. The job has become so big that it now requires the full attention of anyone who might be running the organization. To avoid any conflicts of interest, Mike has stepped down as President of the Board of Directors. In June the Board elected Meg Green (Mom of Miracle League player Preston Green) to fill the spot. Mike is now working out of the offices at Chapter 126 in Bristol (instead of a desk in his family room). Read below for some of the exciting things already happening as a result of the collaboration and keep your eyes open for more. Click HERE to learn more about Chapter 126.