How's your Lent going? The Catholic World Mission staff and I are diving into this season and praying for you in a special way. What a gift to have the Lenten season to refocus our lives on Jesus! 

Keep reading to learn about our most recent project in Tanzania, as well as an update on one of our long-term projects, the construction of a church in Enchi, Ghana.

Don't forget that we've received a steady stream of updates from Felicia in Nigeria! Click here to see lots of pictures of the construction progress. Thank you to everyone who has made this construction possible! The little students are so excited! Donations are still being accepted for this project. Click here to give now so the school's new roof can be finished.

Tanzania Faces Severe Drought: 
250 students caught in the middle
Holy Ghost Vocational Training Center (VTC) in Arusha, Tanzania was established in 1994. They have an incredible mission to train young people in trades and practical skills so that they can find sustainable jobs, provide for their families, and keep Tanzania's economy strong. (Two students, Neema and Emmanuel, are the faces of this month's the Harvest banner, at the top of this email.)

The VTC usually relies on their small 23-acre farm to feed their 250 students, but a severe drought has crippled all of Eastern Africa. (See the infographic above to see a normal year's crop production vs. the yields during the drought.)

For our latest project, we are working to bridge the gap and raise enough funds to get a shipment of beans and corn to the VTC. You can help today, and your help is urgently needed if these students are to survive!
Immaculate Conception Church in Enchi, Ghana gets new altar and ambo
Pictured above: Haniah holds her prayer book on a Sunday morning in Enchi, Ghana. She is so excited that her church will soon be finished!
For the last two years, you've helped a community build their spiritual home in Enchi, Ghana. And, recently, because of the generosity of a loving husband and wife team, construction of an altar is underway at Immaculate Conception Church! A new ambo and tabernacle will also be installed. This is a major milestone because not only is it one step closer to completing the church, but signifies that soon, this will truly be a house of worship and a dwelling for Jesus in the Eucharist. Monsignor Simon, the pastor, is THRILLED. When you click the link below, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the landing page to see all the pictures!

Thank You.

Your generosity is what makes our mission of alleviating material and spiritual poverty by empowering the poor and sharing the 
Gospel of Christ possible!

 Yours in Christ,

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