April 1, 2019 -- Volume 18, No. 4
How to Craft a Good Company Driving Policy
Company Driving Policy
It seems that today, just about everything involving your business needs a special policy. This includes driving on company business. Having a vehicle and drivers’ policy for your staff can enhance employee safety and avoid costly accidents. Here are essential considerations for crafting a good company driving policy.  Read More
Double Dip Tax Breaks for R&D
If your business conducts research and development (R&D), you may be eligible for certain tax breaks. This is so whether you’re creating a new product or merely working on new internal-use software to run things better within your company. These tax breaks are significant and greatly reduce the financial cost of your R&D activities. Read More
Spring Cleaning: Have You Considered the Benefits for Your Business?

It’s the start of Spring and a time that’s ideal for cleaning things in your business. It’s a subject I write on just about every year because I’m usually in the thick of my own Spring cleaning. Read More
SBT 2019
Supplement to J.K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2019

The tax law is not static. Since the publication of this book, the IRS has provided guidance on some of the changes for 2018 returns that were made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA). And there’s been additional legislation, court cases, and other IRS pronouncements that affect 2018 returns as well as planning for taxes in 2019.

For small business owners, it is important to take action based on what is known now, and to watch for any tax changes that may affect your business and personal taxes in the future. Pay attention to what is new and when it goes into effect. Read More
Supplement to J.K. Lasser's 1,001 Deductions & Tax Breaks 2019

This supplement outlines important changes and critical updates that have been made to the tax law and IRS guidelines since the October publication of the book, including COLAs needed for 2019 estimated taxes.  Here are the key developments, some of which can apply to your 2018 return while others impact your 2019 withholding and estimated taxes. 
Time Wasters: Identifying them and Finding Potential Solutions

The last time you had to deal with a utility, how much time did you have to spend on resolving an issue? Recently I had to change carriers and the matter should have taken only a few minutes. It wound up taking hours and hours, wasting more than half a work day (not to mention the aggravation involved). This prompted me to think about all of the time wasters we face in business and what we could do about them.   Read More 
10 Tax-Related Questions about a Company Vehicle
Most businesses use vehicles—cars, trucks, or vans—to conduct their activities. For example, on Schedule Cs for self-employed individuals in 2015 (the most recent year for statistics), deductions for car and truck expenses was nearly $90 billion ! There are numerous tax-related issues for using vehicles in your business. Here are 10 of them: 
How to Get Your Name in Lights: Branding Strategies You Can Use

You may have the best product or service, but if customers don’t know who you are or what you stand for, you’re lost. Here’s where branding comes in. Branding is the process of promoting your company name and/or products by various means. It enables the public to recognize you. Branding isn’t a one-time activity; it’s something you must continually work at.  Read More
Developing Leadership Qualities: Listening and Communicating

One of the top complaints from employees is that their leaders do not communicate well. They don’t give clear directions or offer constructive criticism. Some refuse to talk to subordinates or even know their names. 
If you want to be a good leader, you need to learn to listen and communicate more effectively. Read More
How to Gain Visibility on the Web

The Internet is a great place to showcase your company and conduct business. The trick is for potential customers to find you amid the millions of websites (an estimated 200 million active sites worldwide) and billions of users (now estimated to be 2.77 billion) on social media. There are two main ways to do this: use SEO, which is essentially free, or use PPC or other paid search options. Read More
SBT 2019
J. K. Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2019
Smooth Failing
This NEW Edition of my book available in paperback includes stories from many respected small business leaders you know!
5 Myths about Payroll Taxes
If you want to grow your business, you probably need to hire employees to help you. Becoming an employer and expanding your staff entails many responsibilities, one of which is seeing to payroll taxes. Unfortunately, there are many myths about these taxes. Here is the reality:
The Ultimate Guide to the New Tax Law for Business Owners
Don't miss out on tax breaks and other ways to minimize your tax bill. Review this rundown of the major changes in store for business owners in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
The New Tax Law Has Some Business Owners Ending Their S Election. Should You?
Much depends on your specific situation, so weigh the issues, then check with your tax advisor.
ForbesBooks Interview
My Radio Interview via SBECouncil and ForbesBooks
Tax Season is here! There are many new rules and some are very complicated. Small business owners and all individuals need to be aware of the tax law changes. We discuss many here in this interview.
At Tax Time, How to Weigh the Benefits of a C Corp vs. an S Corp vs. an LLC vs. a Sole Proprietorship
Each entity has its pros and cons. And taxes may not be your main consideration.
4 Big Changes in Tax Rules for C Corporations
You'll want to review these changes to avoid tax penalties.
5 Essential Tax Differences that Separate C and S Corporation Filings
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created new rules that are unique to S corporations and others that are unique to C corporations.