September 14, 2018
The Mittal Institute Newsletter
The Mittal Institute engages in interdisciplinary research to advance and deepen the understanding of critical issues of South Asia and its relationship to the world. Our weekly newsletter highlights the work of the institute and its affiliates.
Meet our new Arvind Raghunathan and Sribala Subramanian South Asia Visiting Fellow, Roluahpuia, an Indian scholar, first-generation graduate and tribal from Manipur : "The issues that I touch upon in my own work are very much global in nature."

HKS Professor Asim Khwaja, one of the key faculty in The Mittal Institute’s Partition Project, explains in Dawn why he resigned from Pakistan’s recently-formed Economic Advisory Council.

Alongside our partners FXB and BRAC, we are supporting an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Harvard and Bangladesh who are examining a range of issues facing vulnerable populations.

Dr Jacqueline Bhabha (pictured) and Elizabeth Donger will explore the early findings of a research project that examines community-level strategies to prevent violence, abuse, and exploitation of children in India.

Weds, Sept 19, 4.30pm-6.00pm - CGIS South
The B4 Fellowship enables up to eight eligible young Indian bioscientists to spend 18 months at Harvard or another top Boston-area institution to further their research. The program is funded by the Government of India.

Deadline: Sept 25, 2018