Happy one year anniversary, Save Guana Now!   We're celebrating with our new music video that features spectacular drone footage of the Outpost property and a favorite song to tell our story (with apologies to Joni Mitchell.)  Be sure to view it full screen!  

A huge thank you to Lucas at Jacksonville Aerial Photography, Elle Browning, singer and guitarist, Wes at Polysound and Mitch at Atlantic Video. Please share, share, share and share again.  Share it on Facebook. Share it in your email lists. Share on Twitter, on Instagram, and everywhere there are people who care about preserving natural, wild Florida.

Share it with your friends outside of Florida too. We need their help to make it go viral. Here's the link if you want to copy and paste it into an email:

Most of all...thank you all for your generosity and support all year long, and for helping to spread the word about 99 acres of conservation land that need to be preserved.

Check out our new 15-foot banner featuring an incredible eagle photo by local nature photographer Graham McGeorge.  We debuted it at the beach last week, and it made quite an impact.  It'll be coming in for another landing soon. Keep an eye out!
We continue to sell out on our beautiful yard signs  - it's already time to place another order. Please consider one for your yard. We've been told that people are learning about our cause from our signs! Thank you Craig O'Neal for your spectacular nature photography throughout our website and on our signs and bumper stickers. Scroll all the way down here to find your favorite. Reply here to order one. 
As for updates, it sounds like we're going to see one more round of changes to Ponte Vedra Corporation's application after the county responds. So we're getting closer to hearing dates being set. Let's keep the momentum going.

Please take a moment now to share our video that celebrates the beauty of the Outpost while cautioning about its vulnerability.

Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
Co-founders, Save Guana Now

View of shoreline of Outpost property that Save Guana Now is striving to save from development.